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Valentine's Day Ideas for Engaged Couples

Updated on February 7, 2013
valentine day for engaged couples
valentine day for engaged couples

Ideas for Engaged Couples to Celebrate a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day would be greatly exciting especially for those couples who are already engaged. Though it’s a special occasion for almost all couples, for them it’s a day that can work both as a time to know each other as well as do some planning regarding the wedding day. It may also be the last day before the wedding that they would get a chance to spend together. So here are some romantic and creative ideas for engaged couples to spend the day together in a special way.

Celebrate with Delicious Dishes

Valentine’s Day is after all the best day for you to share your love for one another as the nerve wracking process of proposal and acceptance are all over. So celebrate this occasion with good food and drink. It’s better to stay in rather than going out and breaking the bank. You can make this occasion more marvellous than going out, by making a reservation for two at your own dining room table. Cook something new or special for your partner which may also cheer him up. If you think you are not good at preparing something special, order in something which both of you can enjoy equally. You can also use this occasion to decide the dishes and wines to be served for your wedding reception dinner.

Exchange Valentine’s Day Messages

It would be an exquisitely romantic gesture if you plan exchanging a Valentine’s Day message or a simple love letter to your fiancé (e) which would be memorable in many ways. Never think that it is out of fashion because there is nothing better than a love letter to express your romance and love. Write down the reasons why you chose your fiancé (e) as your life-partner. Don’t forget to include your wedding vows which would make your Valentine’s Day message lovelier.

Dance Together

Spend the day out at a beach or some other beautiful place. It would be really fun spending the day close to nature if you have planned some fun activities like swimming, flying kites or hiking. You can also pay for some dance lessons that the two of you can take together. This will help to showcase your mad couple skills to your guests on the big day. You can also dance with each other under the open sky if you have taken some CD’s with you. If you prefer to stay in, prepare a dance floor in the living room. You can use this chance to select the dance for your wedding day and practice it. Select some romantic tunes that evoke the most romantic emotions in you.

Exchange Valentine’s Day Gifts

You can use this occasion to surprise your fiancé (e) with a special gift. Think of a romantic and meaningful present that your partner would need on the wedding day. An expensive watch or jewelry would make a fantastic gift that can be used as an accessory for the big day.

Arrange a party for your near and dear ones

If time and resources permit, arranging a party for your friends and family would be the perfect way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. You can also use this occasion to surprise them by announcing the news that you are engaged. The blessings you get from your friends and family will help you lead a happy life and change this Valentine’s Day into the most memorable one.

The above mentioned ideas will definitely help you spend a wonderful Valentine’s day and take this as the start of the many balancing acts which are bound to come up for your wedding and continue long after marriage.


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