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Valentines Day Love It Or Hate It?

Updated on February 1, 2011

Valentines Day

So Valentines Day is once again upon us. Some people have the opinion that it is a "marketing holiday".

Others think that if you are in a relationship, you shouldn't choose just one day out of the year to celebrate your love for one another, so those people choose to boycott it. So let me guess, you don't celebrate birthdays or anniversaries either? How about Christmas? Shouldn't you be celebrating the birth of Jesus everyday as well? If you are, why choose Christmas to buy presents for the kids if it's supposed to be about the birth of Christ?

This is where the title "hypocrite" comes in. Pick an opinion of these "commercialized" holidays and stick with it. You can't say Valentines day (the celebration of love and even sometimes friendship) is a commercialized holiday and not say the same for Christmas, or Easter, Halloween or....or... or... I could go on and on.

Some couples don't have time to "celebrate their love" every day out of the year like those fortunate ones who claim to be showered with love, special meaningful gifts and complete and utter affection every day of the year as they claim to.

Now if you BOTH come to an agreement not to celebrate the holiday because you THINK you give love, affection and attention and are made to feel special every day of the year, then don't. However, this is rare. It reminds me of when I worked at a company and someone was delivered flowers and everyone woo'd and wow'd about them. Another co-worker SADLY stated that she and her spouse don't celebrate it. So I can only GUESS who made THAT decision in the relationship.

For those who claim to not care about the day. I guess if your loved one surprised you with flowers or a nice card or a gift, you would be upset about it right? Ok, tell me another one.

Myself. Valentines day is a love/hate relationship for me. I look forward to getting a special bouquet of flowers. Now lets say I get flowers throughout the year, (which I don't unless a big fight/argument happened and I get the special "guilt flowers") that's all fine and dandy, however, my Valentines Day flowers should be special. I would love to get a gift, however that's rare. I would also love to go dress up and go out to a nice dinner together, no kids involved, no stress, no talk about the bills or finances. A stress free lets talk about us kind of dinner.

How Valentines day turns out to be a hate relationship for me, is when it's ignored or there is little to no effort put into it. For ME it's telling me that you don't care enough to take this ONE day out of the year to celebrate "us". Last year for example. No gift, no flowers, and was taken out to a chain diner, Nifty Fifties and had a paper thin cheeseburger with my then 4 yr old. So it turned out to be "just another day". Come on, you know this day is coming all year and that's all you could come up with?

Sound selfish? Maybe. However aren't relationships supposed to be based on love, respect and a care for the others wants, needs and feelings? I want to celebrate Valentines Day. However, when it turns out shitty, this is when I wish it didn't exist.

How do YOU feel about it? Take the poll and leave some comments :)

Valentines Day. Love it or Hate it?

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    • BloggingPilar profile image

      BloggingPilar 6 years ago from South Jersey

      Exactly, Christmas is SUPPOSED to be about religion, however, unfortunately it turns into a HIGHLY commercialized holiday.

    • Kwazzy profile image

      Kwazzy 6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      Ill agree that no relationship is perfect, but in my own opinion, the imperfections in my marriage make it that much more interesting and keeps us striving to make it better, Christmas is a worldwide holiday involving religions, no comparison what so ever.

    • BloggingPilar profile image

      BloggingPilar 6 years ago from South Jersey

      I have NEVER come across a relationship that was just perfect. If you are in one, congratulations, I'm happy to hear they exsist. As for it making the government money, do you feel the same way about Christmas where people spends hundreds, even thousands of dollars on gifts? As for being alone on VDay, probably one of the best Valentines days I ever had was spending it with my also single friends.

    • Kwazzy profile image

      Kwazzy 6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      in a loving relationship, everything is perfect, and i see no reason for this holiday! Just another way for the government to make money from us, and to remind those who ARE alone that they are just ALONE.