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Valentines Day Poems for Cards

Updated on January 17, 2016
Blake Flannery profile image

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

Love Poems for Valentine's Day Cards

Poems make great cheap gifts, but you have to pay the price for a good love poem. Frustration at a lack of ability to express thoughts and feelings in poem form can have even the most seasoned Valentine's Day veteran scratching his head.

One of the most inexpensive yet meaningful gifts a person can give is the gift of words. That goes for any time you are writing a note or card message. Writing a thoughtful and heartfelt love poem for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband on Valentine's Day is a venture that may be more challenging than it seems. The following Valentine's Day poems are for you to use or as examples to model your own love poem.

Valentine's Day Poem Example

Here is an example of a general love poem that could be written in a card for Valentine's Day. Every other line rhymes, and every small section of four lines could stand alone in your card. Mix and match lines and give your creation a name.

Valentine’s Day is for you and me
Our very own holiday to celebrate
There’s no one else I’d rather be
Than your special Valentine date

Even though this is a special day
And Nothing feels different to me now
I’m glad you’re my Valentine today
You can ALWAYS make me say “wow!”

It’s the way that you look at me
It’s the way that you kiss my cheek
It’s the amazing way I feel with you
That keeps every day feeling new

Valentine's Day Poem for Her

Here's a simple poem you can write to your female significant other. Mentioning things that you feel or notice about your girlfriend or wife is a good way to add imagery. Sometimes it's a good idea to take a humble approach and mention that you are not skilled enough to capture the beauty of your girlfriend in your poem.

Your beauty can't be done justice with my words
I can't describe how your smile colors my world
Or the way you float gracefully like a bird
I want you to know that you are a special girl

You are more than just a Valentine's Day date
I love to spend time with you as much as I can
You look me in the eyes and I just can't wait
When it comes to kissing you, I'm your biggest fan

After you have included this love poem, add a little more to your wife/girlfriend's Valentine's Day message with some specific details.

Funny Valentine's Day Poem

Valentine's Day Poem for Mom

Here is an example of a poem you can write in your mom's Valentine's Day card. This poem could be a great gift for your mom. Also write a message about how you appreciate the love she has shown you.

Your mom is the first to love you
When you are still a little baby
And there’s a lot you sill can't do
But I can show her she’s special
By explaining my point of view...

Make sure you write something about your mom beyond the poem. Here's some help for what to write from appreciative Mother's Day Messages.

Long Distance Valentine's Day Poem

Here's a short poem you could use for a long distance Valentine's Day. Read this over the phone or write it in your card and mail it.

Even though we are apart
You are my special Valentine 
Your voice warms my heart
I’m so glad that you’re mine

Valentine’s Day Poem for Friends

Valentine's Day is a great day to let your friends know you appreciate them. Here's a poem to serve as an opening for your kind Valentine's Day message to your friends.

Friends need love on Valentines Day
Because they are special people too
There are so many things I could say
To say thanks for all the things you do

Valentine’s Day Poem for Kids

Valentine's Day is a great time for little kids since everyone buys Valentine's and candy for everyone in class. If you are a kid or parent and are looking for something neutral to write in your Valentines, try this poem.

There’s one very important rule
That your Valentine’s Day is cool
With cards and candy at school
No one has to feel like a fool

More help with Writing a Valentine's Day Poem

It's possible that this page didn't totally fulfill what you are looking for, but here are some more links you can follow to get more help in your endeavors to writing the perfect poem to make your Valentine's day gift and card as awesome as it can be.

Check out the provided links below for more information. Or you can leave a comment is you have any suggestions to make this page more useful.

Is a Poem a Good Gift?

A Poem is a Cool Gift for Valentine's Day

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    • JoshuaDR profile image


      8 years ago from Charleston, SC

      Last year I made a homemade card with a poem and she loved it. Granted she only liked it because she thought I made it so child like on purpose.

      Voted up

    • alocsin profile image

      Aurelio Locsin 

      8 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Well, I would call them an inexpensive gift rather than cheap, because the former implies excellent value, while the latter implies miserliness and poor quality. In any case, a nicely done hub. Voting this Up and Interesting.


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