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Romantic ideas for him and her......

Updated on March 25, 2014

Valentine's Day - Out of genuine and heartfelt ideas?

Ahhhh Valentine's day! The day represented but scarlet red and pretty pinks, where hearts soar, some tears fall, romantic memories are re born, relationships are tendered to and basically, we all just want to feel loved. To receive you must give. So if your out of genuine but heartfelt giving ideas supportive of your Valentine's heart soaring instead of splitting into two, read on.


* Note - don't forget these ideas can be used for any day of the year to get you in the good books and show someone you really do care.

1. Book somewhere GREAT for dinner. Find out what size your partner is in clothing and shoes. Go and buy an outfit for them that you would love to see them in. On Valentine's day sneak home, lay it on the bed with a hand written note " Be ready by .....", whatever time you have booked for dinner.

* Men you can also include jewellery and shoes (especially if the outfit is not her usual style as she will feel like she has nothing to match it). Naughty it up with choosing lingerie to wear under her outfit that you have chosen as well.

2. Purchase something personal, crafted, unusual and original from for your Valentine.

3. Get a single rose or balloon delivered (or mix it up) to them at work on the hour every hour.

4. Acquire a variety of gift vouchers from your Valentine's favorite stores and tape them into a great Valentine's card so they sit like leaves in a book. You could include a short, personal poem you have written them and meaningful photo's.

Home made books.
Home made books. | Source

5. If your a writer make your Valentine a heartfelt booklet. On a separate page each, write down all the things you like about your partner. Use the quality you like about them as the heading for each page then underneath give a written explanation why. You could do this in poetry. Use something significant for the number of pages you do e.g. 12 pages for 12 years of being together. If you have only been together a while use 14 pages signifying February 14th. If your really stuck on the qualities replace each page with a wonderful written reminder of a memory that was important to you both. Make it into a booklet by folding each piece of paper in half writing on each of the halves then with tie with a ribbon in their favorite color along the spine of the book for the binder. Alternatively upload all your content online and get a book printed for them by and online printer such as Vistaprint.

6. Gather photos of the both of you together between now and the time you first met. Order them in chronological order. Before your Valentine gets home from work lay them on the floor from your first photo together, leading them on a path of memories of your time together. You could make the path finish in the kitchen for a gorgeous meal or bedroom etc - wherever you want them to end up with a major prize at the end! Highlight the trail by placing a little candle next to each photo. Quickly light the candles when you hear them coming home and Enjoy your night!

7. A beautiful idea that I read about is to get a beautiful piece of wood and using gun powder write a meaningful message to your partner on it (make sure it's cursive writing for it to burn correctly) or just a love heart. Turn out the lights when they walk in then light the gun powder for the message to illuminate. It will also burn the message into the wood for a cute keepsake. Follow up with a nice drink and a bunch of flowers.

8.Order a double massage together. Get the masseuse to come to your house and order in take away for afterward as I doubt you will feel like cooking.

9. Put little love messages or charms in every pocket of their work outfit for thoughtful discoveries all day. To naughty it up write promises to them on tickets that they can cash in and place them in every pocket instead.

10. Wake your Valentine up for a MIDNIGHT date. Jump in the car and take them to a spot that is special to you both. At this time your pretty guaranteed you'll be the only ones there, even on Valentine's Day. Have a picnic basket full of great things to eat, drink and do there. If you have no where to go drive around the block and back to home. Have your picnic basket full of great things to eat, drink and have a disguised romantic spot such as a pre-organised corner in the shed, garden or someplace else that is comfortable.

11. If you have been together for years, Google the music genre they like for all the years you have been together. Choose one or two songs for each year and compile a playlist for them. Put the playlist on a wrapped disk and give as a gift or even spoil them with your playlist loaded on an MP3 player!

12. If you happen to have spare cash around pack their bags for them and hand your Valentine your tickets on an overnight mystery flight just before you need to go. You might need to organize with their work for time off for them.

This should give you a few ways to carry out something heartfelt and romantic for your Valentine and at the very least I hope it has given you ideas. Above all enjoy your loved one, enjoy your day. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Valentine printout tickets.
Valentine printout tickets. | Source

© 2013 Frangipanni


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    • Frangipanni profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Just some ideas to help those who are a bit stuck sometimes. Thanks for stopping by.

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      useful tips. I love no. 9 idea. Cute and charming. Voted up


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