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Valentine's Day - a Holiday for Homemade Greeting Cards

Updated on February 9, 2016

My favorite holiday for cards

Valentine's Day is hands-down my favorite holiday to create handmade or homemade greeting cards. I love the colors- the feeling of spring ~ it is that bright spot during a long cold winter filled with images of hearts and flowers, chocolates, love, cupids..the list goes on and on..... it is all about between a couple, love for family members.

If only I could make myself a huge box of chocolates and eat them, guilty-free.


My big beautiful Valentine's Day handmade cards

Both of the homemade cards featured in this Hub were so much fun to make. I really have a great time choosing the colors; what goes with what, how to make the Phrases stand out against a background.

This homemade card features an extra piece which opens to a small palette on which special words or a small photo could be adhered.

You pick the colors ~ It seems like modern Valentine's Day cards are mixtures of all the color families. I prefer traditional Reds, Pinks and the colors that compliment them.

With a Cricut cutter and a good quality cardstock ~ you are only limited by your imagination.

Happy Valentine's Day

DCWV-The Black Current stack

Purples, Creams, and Blacks

I have a wonderful cardstock stack featuring various matched and contrasting cardstocks- all with the Purples and Blacks. I also used a Creamy Off-white cardstock to match. A few of the cardstock pages have a glossy finish.

Valentine's Day Cricut Cartridge

This is a wonderful cartridge filled with all the signs, symbols, and phrases you would associate with Valentine's Day. Included are some already designed cards for you to create along with the signs, symbols, and phrases. I would highly recommend this cartridge for an all over Valentine's Day choice, whether it will be used for cards or scrapbook projects. Oh - there is a great "Arrow" project for use on the end of a pencil!

A Kinder-Gentler Version

Soft ~ Romantic Colors
Soft ~ Romantic Colors

DCWV - The Lace & Linen Stack

Hues of Pinks and Browns

I created this card with a softer-romantic vision in mind. My cardstock stack "The Lace and Linen Stack" suited the romantic softer side perfectly.

The Universal cartridge from Cricut

A few years ago Cricut came out with a Universal Template for the Cricut personal cutting machine. Rather than use a specific template for each Cricut cartridge- this one template is numbered, has the typical Shift & F keys and can be used with any of the newer Cricut cartridges.

Blacks and Purples

Your Basic Card

I like to make a larger card to allow for nicer-more accurate Cricut cuts.

My base card measures 5 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" tall.

Background piece

For a base card measuring 5 1/2" wide by 8 1/2" tall -

Cut a background piece of cardstock to measure 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"

(If you wish, cut another complimenting piece to measure 4" x 5 1/4").

Shift + 18

Cut (1) of #18 (page 36).

Size Dial 4 1/2".

Use the Shift and 18 keyboard keys.

This will cut out the large shape with the folding section.

Set aside for now.


Cut (1) of #18 (page 36).

Size Dial 4 1/2"

Use the 18 keyboard key only.

This will cut out the intricate border shape.

Set aside for now.

Shift + F1 + 18

Cut (1) of #18 (page 36).

Size Dial 4 1/2"

Use the Shift, F1, and 18 keyboard keys.

This will cut out the larger background piece.

Set aside for now.

F1 18

Cut (1) of #18 (page 36).

Size Dial 4 1/2"

Use the F1 and 18 keyboard keys.

This will cut out the Hearts & Arrow.

Set aside for now.

Background adhered

Put your adhesive on the 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" background piece.

Adhere it to the bottom of your card- centering between each side.

Adhere Shift + 18

Adhere to the center of the background piece the Shift+18 folding shape.

Adhere Shift+F1+18

Adhere to the folded layer making sure to match up the embellishments top and bottom.

Adhere 18

Carefully adhere this layer matching up the embellishments top, bottom, and the borders along the sides.

Adhere F1+18

Adhere the Hearts & Arrow to the center of your layers making sure the arrow is pointing the direction which the next layer also points in. (I say this because when you cut these shapes out using the FLIP key, you have to think opposite.


Cut (1) of #1 (Page 2).

Size Dial 4 1/2".

Use the F1 and 7 keyboard keys.

This will cut out the bottom layer of the phrase "Happy Valentine's Day"

For the "Sweet Valentine" phrase, simply apply these instructions to page 14.


Cut (1) of #1 (Page 2).

Size Dial 4 1/2".

Use the Shift, 1 keyboard keys.

This will cut out the next layer of the phrase "Happy Valentine's Day".


Cut (1) of #1 (Page 2).

Size Dial 4 1/2".

Use the F1, 1 keyboard keys.

This will cut out the word Valentines.


Cut (1) of the #1 (Page 2).

Size Dial 4 1/2".

Use the 1 keyboard key.

This will cut out the top layer phrase "Happy Valentine's Day".

Adhere S+F1+1

Adhere the Bottom larger layer to the Shift + 1 layer.

Adhere the F1+1

Adhere the word "Valentine's" next - aligning the word on the already completed layers.

Adhere 1

Adhere the top layer "Happy Valentine's Day" carefully aligning the letters to the already completed layers.

Adhere the Phrase

Adhere the completed Phrase layers to the top center of the base card.


The card is finished!

Now you can adhere a small photo inside the front cover fold or write something sweet.

Cricut Valentine's Day Cartridge


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