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Valentines Day at Home

Updated on December 22, 2011

If you are seeking an inexpensive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, here are some ideas for celebrating at home where you can feel truly special.

·         Do you have a fireplace?  If so you could have a romantic indoor picnic in front of a roaring hot fire! Choose whether you will be eating out and coming home to a fireside interlude or cooking the meal to have at home. Either way, you can prepare the room with the fireplace with a soft blanket on the floor a safe distance from the fire. Champagne or wine chilled, chilled fruits and sweet dips, and soft music ready to play. This is the perfect time to be changed into silk pajama pants and lingerie for your romantic evening.

·         Make it a Romantic Spa Evening!  If you have a large garden tub or spa tub you can have candles in the bathroom, soft music playing, luscious scented bubble bath or bath salts and soft warm towels or robes for after the bath. Have your bedroom prepared with clean sheets, romance enhancements in a basket nearby for easy reach and perhaps enjoy watching a movie in bed before your romantic interlude!

·         If you are going to give a special gift….you could create a scavenger hunt to lead your sweetheart to your gift. Start out with a note in candy or at the dinner table leading them around the house to find other secretly hidden instructions…ending up at the gift.

Some easy tips:

If cooking the meal at home, do as much preparation before the evening as possible. Easy meals that can be made ahead of time and cooked / baked in a short time are best. Don’t try a new recipe on a night like this!

If you are going out for the evening to have your meal or a movie first, prepare the bedroom and bathroom earlier in the day with fresh sheets, towels, romance enhancements easy to get to, music ready to play, candles ready and set out to light, replace regular light bulbs with soft colored ones if you want.

If you are having wine or champagne be sure to have it chilled ahead of time.

Purchase fresh flowers to have around the house in vases or bowls the day before or early that morning. Roses floating in rose bowls with tea lite candles around the bowl on a mirror or pretty plate makes a great inexpensive decoration for the table or bathroom tub experience.

Use soap or lipstick to write a romantic / sexy message on the bathroom mirror. Leave your sweetheart notes in their pocket or lunch to find at work telling them how much you are looking forward to that evenings encounter.

Send sweet sexy text messages (NOT on a company phone though! You don’t want to be in trouble!)


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