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Valentine's Day gift - A ring

Updated on August 5, 2016

Heart shadow?

Ring with heart shadow
Ring with heart shadow | Source

Perfect opportunity?

Valentine's Day can be perfect opportunity for many surprises, that you can make for your beloved one. It's the Day for everyone who love. Wouldn't that be great opportunity to engage your woman, or just gift her a ring because you love her? I tell you, It's the perfect combination.

It doesn't matter if the ring is cheap or expensive - the most important is purpose, not the price of the gift. So, here we will see many rings, from the cheapest, to most expencive. I must say, that this is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day for woman.

Diamond ring



We know many types of rings, from gold, platinum, to silver ones. They are all beautiful. The platinum rings are the most expensive rings, after them are golden rings and the last ones are silver rings.

But, as I told you before, it doesn't matter what kind of price is, the most important is purpose. So, because Valentine's Day is close and because we are talking about rings for Valentine's Day gifts, I choose rings that are the most suitable for this opportunity. And I'll sort them by price, because some of you like expencive gifts. Unfortunately some of you can't afford the expencive rings - just like me. And that's how everyone can search by his own capabilities.

''I love you''

I love you
I love you | Source

A ring and a poem?

Well, why not. We (women) don't believe you, when you say that you can't write anything smart. It doesn't have to be smart. Just tell her on simple way that you love her. And that would be the best poem for her. You don't have to write a poem, or to be a poet. Just write something - words, thoughts, feelings or something. You know us the best and you know, what we like. Even the word ''I love you'' can be perfect if it's written by you.



A ring and a flower or chocolate?

Well, that's a good idea too. You can make a great surprise with the ring and a flower. You can hide a ring between the leaves of the roses. She'll have to find her gift. We like surprises. Or even better. You can bake her a muffin and put the ring inside it. When she bites in a muffin, the ring will fell on the table or in her lap. The more imagination you have, the better surprise will be. And we all know, that you can find out many new surprises too.



The most expensive

And these are the last rings I'm showing. These are really the most expensive from all. You can see that they are made from many different materials and their prices don't have limits.

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