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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your new girlfriend or boyfriend

Updated on January 24, 2011

Valentine’s Day is challenging enough to figure out without having to factor in a new relationship – what should I get her? What can I get him that is thoughtful, but not too serious? There are a lot of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can work for a new relationship. Think about your boyfriend or girlfriend’s interests. Does your boyfriend like to grill? Or does your girlfriend love to soak in a nice, long bath?

Giving a creative Valentine’s Day gift just takes time to listen and observe each other’s interests. And, don’t pressure yourself too much to get something one-of-a-kind or outrageously expensive. Sometimes just a small, but thoughtful gesture, and a genuine note expressing your feelings is the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise.

If you are comfortable with it, discuss your Valentine’s Day plans ahead of time to make sure that one person doesn’t drain their life savings to get a new Rolex while the other person makes a homemade coupon book for massages.

Gifts idea for your girlfriend

Romantic Movie. Paired with her favorite candy or popcorn treat, a romantic movie is an invitation to spend a special night snuggled on the couch watching a movie. Whether it is a classic or a modern romantic comedy, she will appreciate that you are willing to spend a night watching a “click flick” with her. Maybe she’ll even share her Junior Mints or Raisinets!

Magazine Subscription. Is your girlfriend into celebrity gossip? How about cooking a five-course meal? A magazine subscription is a great choice – a gift that keeps on giving! If your girlfriend has a special interest, like cooking, this is a great option because it is a year’s worth of fun and entertainment. Who doesn’t love to get something special in the mail every month, plus you might get a great meal out of the deal.

Blank Journal. It’s no secret, girls like to talk about their feelings a lot more than their boyfriends. A blank journal is a great idea if your girlfriend loves to write, sketch or just has a lot to say – it might just help keep the peace! A sweet note from you on the first page will make this gift extra special.

Gift certificate for a mani/pedi. Even though this gift is a no brainer, I haven’t met a girl yet who doesn’t love to be pampered. Giving her a gift certificate for a little escape that she can use when she is stressed at work or home is the perfect gift! A sweet gift of hand lotion or a cute nail file to keep up her polished look is a sweet surprise.

Bubble Bath. Any bath product really will do, even if you don’t know what they do – bath bombs, bath melts, bubble bath, who knew?? The concept is the same behind the mani/pedi. You are giving your girlfriend the ability to relax and wind down after a tough day. Throw in a massage and you have yourself a great gift!

Photo Album. A blank photo album is a great way to start keeping memories with your new girlfriend. Put the first picture in – a picture from your first date or an event you attended together – and encourage her to fill it with more photos from fun things you do together!

Collection of Vosges Chocolates. For the girlfriend who loves a chocolate treat, a collection of Vosges chocolates is a creative Valentine’s Day gift. Vosges uses interesting ingredients like pink sea salt, bacon and chipotle. No one will accuse you of giving the same boring box of heart-shaped chocolates again!

Candles. Make sure you find out your girlfriend’s favorite scent before you give her a nice candle or two for Valentine’s Day. Is she a fruity, vanilla or lavender kind of girl? A pretty-smelling candle can be a decorative accent in any room or she could use it with her bubble bath to create a homemade spa experience. Pair this gift with a bottle of champagne and you can create a romantic night at home!

Donation to her Favorite Charity. This is a sweet gift for a girl who loves to get involved in her community and has a pet cause, like children or education or animal rights. Donating to her favorite charity and then suggesting a volunteer activity you can do together is an inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift and a way for you to bond over a common interest.

Tickets to a Musical or Symphony Performance. Buying her tickets to see something special like a musical or a symphony performance at your local music hall is a great way to spend time together and experience something cultural together.

Gifts ideas for your boyfriend

Tickets to a Sporting Event. Don’t just focus on the major leagues for this one – your boyfriend would love a special afternoon spent at a major league game as well. Make it a fun time and get a foam finger, some hot dogs and cheer on your local sports heroes together!

Magazine Subscription. From GQ to Sports Illustrated to Wired, no matter what your guy is interested in, there is a magazine for him. Every guy needs bathroom reading material and what better gift than to give him something to read every month for a whole year! Plus, he can impress your dad by debating who he thinks will win the Final Four in March.

Gift Certificate for a Shave. Even though guys are not well-known for their love of pampering, giving your guy a gift certificate for a traditional shave is a fun gift he will really appreciate. The old-time shave means your guy will get a hot lather, a close shave with a straight razor, some skin-soothing oils and even a beer or whiskey. You might not get your boyfriend out of the shave chair! Get him some supplies to keep up his smooth face at home.

Mail Order Steaks. If your boyfriend likes to grill, the gift of nice steaks will make his mouth water – pair it with a gourmet steak rub for a complete gift. Getting a nice cut of meat that will be a special treat and let him cook you a special dinner! Or, invite the guys over for a night of meat eating. Either way, he will appreciate you for recognizing that only way you will ever get him to cook is over an open flame.

Frosty Beer Mugs. Pair this with a six pack of your borfriend’s favorite beer and let him sit back with a frosty beer and watch the game. This is the guy’s version of a mani/pedi – let him unwind, get lost in a basketball game and sip his tension away. There’s no better feeling than getting an ice cold mug out of the freezer and pouring in the perfect brew. Don’t believe me? Take a look at your boyfriend’s face when he opens this gift!

Guys’ Movie. If your boyfriend can snuggle with you through Pretty Woman, you can spend one night at the edge of your seat watching his favorite thriller, action flick or outrageous comedy (I would chose that one, if I were you!) Pair this gift with a popcorn popper so your guy can make his own movie treat whenever he wants – like when he runs out of food and has to pop his dinner.

Gift Certificate for a Car Wash. Most guys really like their cars and sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep her as clean and they like. So give your boyfriend a break and give him a gift certificate that lets someone do the work for him. Let him sit back and read the magazines at the local car wash while his baby is polished from head to toe!

Video Game. Whether your boyfriend has a Wii or PS3 or Xbox, I’m sure there has been a time when you are frustrated with the amount of time he spends with that joystick. Get him a fun, interactive video game that you two can play together – one where no one blows up or picks up hookers for fun (I’m looking at you, Grand Theft Auto.) I especially like the ones where your guy has to make a fool out of himself singing or spinning like a DJ.

Donation to his Favorite Charity. This is not just a great idea for boys to get their girlfriends. Often, your boyfriend will have something he is passionate about and donating to his favorite charity is a great way to show you care.

Greatest Hits CD. This homemade gift is a fun way to introduce your boyfriend to new music or dig up lesser-known tracks from his favorite artist. Do some research on Pandora or use the Genius button on your iTunes to discover new artists similar to ones he already loves and introduce your boyfriend to something he has never heard!


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    • Lucey Andrew profile image

      Lucey Andrew 3 years ago

      Nice gift ideas to impress your valentine..I have also suggested top technology gifts for this valentine’s day here

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 5 years ago from Europe

      GreaT ideas. Well done

    • Hypersapien profile image

      Hypersapien 6 years ago

      Nice hub. Some are similar to suggestions I have on my hub for Valentine's Day gifts under $25.