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Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day? Appreciation for Your Female Companion

Updated on January 13, 2015
Comedienne Amy Poehler Galentine's Day
Comedienne Amy Poehler Galentine's Day
She's your rock..and you are hers.
She's your rock..and you are hers.

Who says that the Valentine’s Day season should be restricted to overpriced displays of amorous love? Well - most of us.

But thanks in part to a little known show starring Amy Poehler, a new holiday may sweep the season.

Galentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the strong female companions in one’s life during a time where we are so often forgetful of our emotional support network - or, at the very least, take it for granted.

Why not take a day to show appreciation for the people who will be there for you every other day of the year, especially when Valentine’s Day plans and expectations go awry.

6 Ideas for Galentine's Day!

Here we list the top 6 ideas for Galentine’s Day. These things are meant to be a source for shared new memories in your growing friendships. Up first we have the tried and true chocolates!

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Godiva - Queen of chocolates
Godiva - Queen of chocolates
Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Godiva Gold Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket
Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Godiva Gold Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

A real chocolate winner, with dark chocolate almond nuts, Godiva milk chocolate truffles, chocolate strawberries and more.


1. Chocolates for Your Honey

Chocolates have phenylethylamine, a compound that stimulates the body to release the same chemicals - neurotransmitters and endorphins - that are released during sex and intimacy.

It is no wonder the world over has fallen in love with this stuff, and chocolate gift baskets are some of the best-selling presents on Valentines Day and birthdays..

We should not restrict ourselves to indulging in the sweet stuff in heart shaped boxes, if you get my double-meaning! Chocolate may very well be the gift that keeps on giving...

Why not scientifically feel closer to our gal pals by sharing some of the recommended delights in chocolate gift baskets here.

Choose from world-famous gourmet Belgian chocolates such as Leonidas, or the tried-and-true Godiva variations.

2. Sweet Tunes with Your Lady Love...

Give the gift of music this Galentine’s Day. More likely than not there are ballads that you and your bff share.

We recommend that you find a way to celebrate your anthem by gifting the song to your friend.

This may not be the most expensive gift in the world, but it can often be one of the more thoughtful.

And friendship is not a result of the piles of money you spend on one another, it is a result on how you spend your time and resources.

Speaking of which, no gift can replace your "us-time," so be sure to be mindful of the passing day - we all have to work, after all, and Valentines Day isn't a holiday. Set aside time to have a romantic dinner or stroll in the park or theater.

3. A Romantic Meal is a Must!

In keeping with our theme of sharing, try sharing a meal without having to compete with the massive crowds and last second reservations that will plague your city on February 14th.

To this end, we recommend Brunch. Brunch is not only the best of the hybrid meal options, it is also the most practical way to spend time together when two or more friends have busy work schedules and active nightlives.

Like the suggestion above for sharing music, brunch can be taken care of with a gift card to your favorite café.

There are many chains where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon meal; but perhaps the best place to eat is home. Together.

4. A Spa Treat or Home Massage

Speaking of relaxation, spas will be busy accommodating the surge in couple massages. We recommend mani pedis with your crew.

Not only are some of the same endorphins released during a simple hand massage as are released by consuming chocolates (We recommend trying both at the same time!), but there is also something to be said for the added boost in confidence we feel when our nails are done.

If a trip to the shop is out of the question, a night at home with the ladies on some new nail polish can be just as good.

5. Inexpensive Gift Certificates...

What often goes overlooked in our relationships is the dedication and investment we put forth in making ourselves look good. No one appreciates that time and effort like our Galentine’s pals.

Why not try a gift certificate for shoes? There are our work shoes, our casual flats, our slippers, our strappy sandals, our eveningwear, our flip flops and so many more!

With the need for shoes for every occasion, we recommend a trip to the shoe store. And this gift is even better if all of you can take the trip together.

That notwithstanding, there's always the gift certificate, which lets you easily manage the amount you want to spend, and lets your loved one or friend get whatever she wants - while thinking of you.

6. Putting the Finishing Touches

Finally we offer up the nectar of the gods to share with your friends come rain or come shine. A trip to offers the selection and price points for every palate and budget.

We know that wine is great with meals with our loved ones and spouses. It is also crucial for late night support sessions, winding down after a busy day, or our weekly whine/wine club meetings.

Bubbly will be in high demand this Valentine’s season, so why not explore your love for rich dark red wines to pair with our chocolates

Your Galentine's Day Conclusion

As we have suggested above, no gift is an island. Feel free to pair any of the ideas above, or any thing you can think of to make your Galentine’s Day unique and special for all the people in your life who will always be there.


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