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Valentines Gifts for Him - Geeks and Gamers

Updated on November 10, 2010

Valentines Gifts for Geeks and Gamers

Sometimes the hardest Valentines gift ideas for him to come up with are Valentines Gifts for Geeks and Gamers. Sure it may seem like romance is the hardest thing to find when considering gifts for them - but think about it - the gift item doesn't have to be romantic, it just has to be something they would like to have.

It is the special touches you add, and the way you deliver the gift that adds the romance. It's easy to create a romantic gift from even the most unromantic item. It is all about the technique.

Valentines Gifts for Him - Geeks and Gamers
Valentines Gifts for Him - Geeks and Gamers | Source

Make it Romantic - Gifts for Geeks

Take the most mundane gift and turn it into a romantic Valentines Gifts for Him, whether he is a Geek or a Gamer he will still appreciate the gift and your special touch.

  • Include some chocolate, either Hershey's Kisses or his favorite candy bars
  • Add a gift tag with your own sweet Valentines message, attach it with a red ribbon
  • Don't forget a sweet Valentines card that expresses how you feel
  • Wrap it in Red! Tie it with Red ribbons and bows!
  • Best of all - try to be alone with him when you give it to him.

Valentines Day Candy For Gamers

Candy Says it all! Especially when it hits close to the gamer's heart. And even better when it is sugar-loaded for that boost of energy needed to get to those higher levels.

And with Amazon's Free Super Saver Shipping - it's an even better deal!

Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallows

The best of both worlds in this valentines gift for him. A sweet sugary treat and a caffeine boost to keep his wits sharp for the game.

Named from the Stay Puft Marshmallow man in Ghostbusters, these marshmallow treats come in a rubbery keepsake box that can be used for other things one the treats are gone.

You won't find these in normal stores, but you can find them on Amazon, and at discount prices. You also get Free Super Saver Shipping with orders over $25!

Top Valentines Gifts for Gamers

Top Pick

Gunner Optiks Computer/Gamer Glasses

It's a fact - florescent lights and computer screens cause eye fatigue. Imagine his joy as he sees these top-of-the-line Gunner Optiks Computer glasses.

He will think of you every time he puts them on for a marathon game session.

Check out these discount prices now. Don't let him be the last one to get a pair - and stay away from cheap imitations - he will know.

Valentines for Geeks

Geeks of the World Unite! There are Valentines Candies Gifts for You Too!

Geek just means "exceptionally talented!" So here are some exceptional Valentines choices for that special one in your life.

Not sure about the gift - just stick it in your shopping cart while you think about. You can always go back and take it out, but this way it is easier to compare choices - Only on Amazon!

Ultimate Valentines Geek Pen Gift

Forget the old "pocket protector" stereotype, today's Geek has class and style, (or at least he wants to), and this Multi-pen fits right in.

It's a pen - It's a stylus - It's a laser pointer - It's the perfect pocket companion in a classy silver finish.

Go ahead - stick it in your shopping cart while you think about it. Amazon lets you compare for free - you can always edit it out.

The Tools-n-Data Geek Valentines Gift

The Ultimate pocket knife - The Original Victorinox Swiss Knife.

it's a knife - a flash drive - pen - LED light - and more...

Wait until you see the cool translucent Ruby-red handle - Just imagine his look when he sees this!

And he will think of you every time he uses it. It even matches Valentine colors!

Just add a few Hershey's Kisses, a sweet card, and he's all yours.

Valentines Gifts for Him - Beer Lovers Micro-brew basket
Valentines Gifts for Him - Beer Lovers Micro-brew basket | Source
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Perfect Picnic for 2 Basket
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Perfect Picnic for 2 Basket | Source
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Ultimate and Sexy Blind Date Gift Basket
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Ultimate and Sexy Blind Date Gift Basket | Source

More Great Valentines Gifts for Him Ideas

Beer Lover's Valentine's Beer Basket

The Beer Basket Valentines Gift for Him would be perfect for the beer connoisseur. Micro-brewery specialty beers are a hot trend, and they would make a great gift basket.

Just pick a bottle of 6 or 8 different micro-brews to form the backbone of the gift basket, then stuff the basket with beer-related snacks.

The "Just Us" Valentines Day Picnic

  • The perfect "just us" Valentines gifts for him that he will remember for a long time. Just add the basic picnic ingredients, plus a couple Valentines extras, and viola'
  • The Picnic Basket Valentines Gifts for Him

The Ultimate Sexy Blind Date Gift Basket

  • Are you ready for the Ultimate Valentines Gifts for Him? The gift he will remember and talk about for years to come. Are you up to it? This is no quick "buy a present and wrap it" gift. This is the ultimate gift and will take an ultimate effort from you. But the results will be worth it. Trust me - from a guy's point of view - this one can't be beat.

Even More Valentines Gifts for Him - Written by a Guy!

What is Your Ultimate Valentines Gifts for Him

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