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Valentine's day: a gimmick in itself

Updated on February 26, 2015

What Valentine's day is?

Valentine's day, or its slang V-day, is supposed to be all about Cupid and celebrating the person you love. Cards, chocolate and rings get sold by the thousands so that people can show someone how they really care and love them.

Women accept marriage proposals and men take their significant other out on a date and be all romantic with flowers and gifts. Also, many babies are conceived on this day due to the "romance" that is in the air.

It is suppose to be named after the catholic martyr Saint Valentine but yet nothing is even talked about him about this day. At Christmas, they talk about Jesus so for Valentine's day, they should talk about Saint Valentine.

Why is it a gimmick?

Valentine's day is a gimmick because people try so hard this one day of the year and not the rest. It is expected that there will be a date or maybe even a proposal on the day of. It isn't a random act of love anymore. It is forced upon and it is a marketed celebration.

Some men even only do something because it is socially seen that they have to take their special someone out on a date. They go out, buy 12 roses, which is QUITE expensive, and buy a box of chocolate that is in the shape of a heart.

People spend so much money to please that one person for maybe an hour or two. They don't even spend their entire day together. Why can't Valentine's day be about staying at home and watching Netflix together?

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What people should do!

If people really cared about their S/O, significant other, they would show them how much they care anytime of the year and not just one time or a few times, example Valentine's day, Birthday and Christmas.

Love is suppose to be an all year round thing and is suppose to be shown all year round. If you do not want to show it all year round, do not show it on Valentine's day. Engagements and Marriages should not be on Valentine's day because that is cheesy and called for. Valentine's day should be staying in for a home cooked supper and movies all day in PJs.

Prices & Sales

The prices of roses, chocolates and also cards skyrocket because of the large demand that is out. Almost everyone receives chocolate and many receives roses.

Also, many lingerie stores lower their prices so that many men will buy lingerie but also women will buy a lot due to the low prices or the great deals! Sex stores gain a lot of money around this time of the year due to the "great" sales.

Also, movie theaters and restaurants make deals on this day to get more people in and profits higher.

No expectations

If you live Valentine's day with no expectations or that you never actually celebrate it, it becomes another day just like the rest. You should NEVER expect anything from the person you love! If you really love them, you will accept them for who they are and how they want to do things. Expectations come with sadness when they aren't met. There isn't many songs about valentine's day. If there isn't many songs about why, why is it such a famous celebration?


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