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Saint Valentine's Day

Updated on June 11, 2013
A Rose flower
A Rose flower
A couple hugging
A couple hugging

Valentine's Day

Many people know it as just as Valentine's day. Only that. If you ask them where the name came from, they can't tell you. The day has a Christian history in The Roman Empire of a guy named Valentinus. He used to secretly perform weddings to the Roman soldiers and by then it was a crime as they were not allowed to marry. He was also accused of performing Christian services to the Christians who were living a hard time of persecution at those times.

The story is told of how during that time he was jailed and later came to fall in love with a girl who happened to be the daughter of the one who jailed him. He was executed but before the execution, he wrote her the last note with a message "from your Valentine" thus the day getting a name from there.

February 14

The day is used to show romantic love between partners or just a normal friendly love between friends and families by giving out gifts and flowers. Every year, the Valentine's day is celebrated on every 14th day of February. Most people start preparing and budgeting for this day early. Red is always the order of the day when the day comes. When it is on a weekday, many in love always wish they can push the working hours forward to meet their lovers in the evening. Many a flower shop makes a kill at this time from the buyers who flock to buy roses. Boutiques are also not left behind as many flock to buy any red wears they will feel comfortable on or just to please their partners on the D day. It is a day when chocolates companies record high sales the same also to the card designers.

Candle-lit Dinners

To many, the day makes a meaning in the evening. At this time you will find many rushing to pick the gift for their loved ones as most would shy off having them all day at their places of work. At this time the streets are full of red with most ladies having red from the hair clips to their toe polish. Men on the other hand makes sure that they save enough for the day to show their girls that they are not small and can afford a lavish life with her. Candle-lit dinners can be found everywhere as various types of wines are served to the many couples in those restaurants and hotels. This goes up to late hours of the nite with some opting to spend the night in hotel rooms.


This is also the day that marks high levels of infidelity among couples. It's a day full of make-ups and break-ups. It's a day when surprisingly cell phones go off as couples try to reach one another. The explanation is given later that the phone went off after the battery charge went off. A day also when one gives an excuse of working late at night and having a job related trip a day before the Valentine's day. Wives also happen to strangely receive gifts from their cheating husbands just incase he arrives late or sneaks out to meet his other woman. Some cases even turn suicidal.

Respect The Day

From the origin of the day, it would be good if we can have respect for the day by showing love as it deserves to those we truly love without hurting others. Men should spare the day and show love to their wives and children by being with them rather than making them feel left out. For those who don't have companions in love, make the day Rossy by exchanging gifts and flowers to those you consider dear friends in your heart and with this we will have respected the Saint as well as those close to us.


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    • Palnatech profile image

      Paul Njuguna 5 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks a lot josiejossy. I highly agree with you. It's a high time people should know the true meaning of the day and abide to what they hold dear in their hearts and the world will be a beautiful place.

    • josiejossy profile image

      josiejossy 5 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      Nice hub...wish most people can have alook at this article, because nowdays people nolonger hold the true meaning of valentine..many take it for wrong reasons and thats why infedelity is very high within the society..thnx for sharing..

    • Palnatech profile image

      Paul Njuguna 5 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks a lot tsmog. I warmly receive your positive comment. If at all the cell phones could talk, it would be a hell of a time to many at that time.

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 5 years ago from Escondido, CA

      I like this approach and applaud your article. Well written prose not of fiction, more so truth. I had not thought of the affect of cell phones for this day, now owning one. I bet they do go amiss at times and others wait for that moment of almost evocative.