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Vampire Party - Themed Party Ideas

Updated on March 4, 2012

Wondering how to plan a Vampire Themed Party or just searching for some more ideas? Your answer is here. Ideas on drinks, foods, music, movies, decorations games and more. Make your Vampire Themed Party a one to remember.


Blood, main dish on a Vampire Party menu

Vampires need blood to stay alive (well not alive as they are dead), so keep as much drinks as possible red coloured! If you are making a non-alcoholic party then cranberry juice, strawberry juice and blood orange juice are your best picks. If you will have alcohol involved the easiest to go with is red wine. You can really impress your guests by doing red cocktails. To get an even better vampiric feel to the party you can serve the drinks in test tubes (better to use plastic ones in case people will be dropping them). No matter what way you will chose to serve the drinks it is a good idea to have straws at the party. Some fake vampire teeth are not the best and can make sipping a drink from the glass a bit hard.

Food is another matter, Vampires do not need it so you could serve casual food if you would choose so. However we suggest you still stick with the colour red. You can use red food color. If you still want to go more Vampire here are some ideas on what you can serve!

Snacks - finger food is a must on most parties. There is little you can do to make chips look more appealing to Vampires but you can use red salsa dip. You can simply use ketchup or you can make more gourmet red salsa dips.

Salty cakes - these are great as you can frost them with sour cream (with gelatin) and decorate with ketchup and they will still taste great!

Sweets - simplest thing to make is cupcakes with red frosting. You could also be serving pie with red filling (strawberry). You can also add some spiders or spider webs as a decoration. You can also play with vampire cookies - bat shaped, coffin shaped,...

Setting up the place - Vampire Party Decorations

Vampires like dark places, dimming the lights is the first thing to do. They are also asociated with Gothic scenes so colour themes you can use for decorating the room are certainly violet, dark red, black and blue. If there is no fire hazard you can add candles to the place (alternatively battery candles).

Vampire's best friends, bats, also make a perfect decoration for a Vampire Party. You can easily make these yourself - all you need is a few sheets of black paper (or better cardboard) and you can start cutting out as many bats as your wish, cheap and effective.

Blood-suckers never were known for keeping their place clean so you might want to add some fake spider webs. Add a creepy crawler (spider) here and there and you are done.

A coffin is always welcome at a Vampire Party!

Make up and dress up like a Vampire!

Lately Vampires have become more, seductive and sensual as opposed to horrific and well ugly. Anything that has to do with Gothic style is a great selection, dark colours, corsets, leather and lace. A cape is a thing to consider too!

Fangs! The most important thing one must have on a vampire party! Best ones are clip on fangs as they won't cause you problems when drinking or speaking.

Vampire make up consist of a pale base. If you can you can get yourself white face paint. You can also try to use some baby powder mixed with some light liquid powder. To make your eyes look vampiric use grey eye shadow to make your under-eye bags stand out. You can also use brown red. Red contact lenses are a great addition to your vampire look too.

Drakula | Source
True Blood
True Blood

Music and Movies for a Vampire Party

Music suggestions

Music can be dark, you can easily pick any soft metal band. Lots of them deal with vampire themes. You can also go for soundtrack from any vampire movie or series.

Vampire Movies


Queen of the Damned



From Dusk Till Dawn

Interview With the Vampire


Vampire Series

True Blood

Vampire Diaries

Buffy the Vampire Slayer



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