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Vampire Game Party

Updated on May 20, 2014
Slains Castle
Slains Castle | Source

The Game

At midnight the vampires decide that they will then be able to attack the victims. They have waited long enough and have tired of the game. The victims can of course run away if they have gotten wind of the idea. That being said, the vampires do not have to all reveal themselves then. It may be more prudent for them to wait and find their own victims later.

Once the victim has gotten outside it is not really prudent for the vampire to continue as the victim could cry for help. Under the cover of night, if the vampires want to they can go outside.

At midnight also the vampire hunters are then allowed to come into the party. They mean to surprise the vampires at the party. They should be careful of any stakes that they have with them. Remember that they too need to follow the rules. If there are only one or two vampire hunters against many vampires you may want to use the element of surprise. You do not have to reveal yourself as a vampire hunter right away.

The vampire hunters need to at first test the vampire and make sure that it is one before they decide to even attempt to kill the vampire. They need to do it within all of the rules.

The vampire hunters are allowed to drag the vampires out into the light when it begins to get light outside. The vampires will die if the light hits them.

This is meant to be an in person game. It may be a good idea to have someone standing at the door so no one will sneak in.

Black Roses


Vampire Invitations to People

Vampires can send notes or invitations to people that they are interested in to join them. They can send black or dead roses. Black paper with white or red ink can be used. It could also be done with pressed flowers. They could use real flowers. But the flowers will die with the vampire's touch.The vampire does not have to tell the person that they are one.

It is up to the person whether they want to accept it or not. It can be sent to men or women.


Transylvania in Second Life

Transylvania in Second Life
Transylvania in Second Life



Vampires are not allowed to just go up to everyone and harass them. There are only certain victims that they will feed on when they need to. A cross will protect the victim. A vampire cannot go straight past garlic without any trouble. The vampires are from the first starting to cast a glamour over the other people at the party. That is so that the others hardly know what is happening. The vampire needs to have been invited in of course.

The Kiss of Death

The victims can be turned into a vampire if the vampire would like to do that and the victim is willing. If the victim agrees to do that so they can be a vampire, then they will lose their soul. They will actually be dead but immortal also.


They can be male or female victims. The victims are allowed to question the other guests about them being vampires.

The victims are allowed to protect themselves. If there are vampires there that they suspect when they first get there they are allowed to challenge them. If they want to they can get together and drag a vampire girl or even a guy out into the light. The vampire will die then. It would have to be in direct sunlight.

Vampire Hunters

There are certain methods that the hunters will need to use. It has to be done in the name of the Lord. Remember that they are returning the lost soul to the grave. The vampire hunters should know the rules of what they are doing. If a vampire begins its own hunting before midnight, the vampire hunter is allowed to do something to save the victim if they are there. But the vampire hunters should really come in at midnight.

When they enter the party the vampire hunters can turn the lights on, or turn them on and off to alert the vampires if they want to. They can yell, make noises and accuse the vampires.

If the vampire hunters can find the vampire's coffin it would be ideal.

Some rules can be left up to the host or the hostess. It can be changed to fit what they would like. But remember this is an ancient struggle and not something that you want to make light of.

A minister is allowed to go along with the vampire hunters. The vampire hunters can have other helpers.


Other guests are also allowed to stand outside being angry townspeople. They can yell helpful things to the vampire hunters about killing the vampires. Vampires were a horrible thing to have in the town. They would take different people and kill them. The townspeople are not fond of them.

It is up to the host and/or hostess if the vampires are allowed to drink and eat later after the games.

Vampire Hunting Kit
Vampire Hunting Kit | Source
Cross of faith
Cross of faith | Source
Gisele Bundchen model
Gisele Bundchen model | Source

The Party


Wine and cocktails with vampire themes

Cocktails cranberry juice and vodka, Bloody Marys, Shirley Temples

See the link below for good Vampire inspired cocktail drinks

Fruit punch, a punch bowl is a nice touch

Tomato juice


Chicken with garlic stuffing

Tomato soup

Red Velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting


Vampire movies to get them all in the mood. Vampire's Kiss is a fun movie. Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows and Ed Wood, and Dracula movies.

Music could be classical or rock music. I have included a link to some music that looks good and is vampire inspired. Blue Oyster Cult plays some of the songs.

Different vampire video games can be available to play also to liven things up.


The vampire party can be started by having black lights. Other interesting effects could be had with red lighting. The decorating could include anything that would be in a vampire theme.

Black table linens would be good. As much black in the decorating as possible is also good. Black roses for the tables.

Old antique furniture could help the atmosphere. Black and red scarves thrown over the couches can make it look more like a vampire hangout. Candles could be used, but you would need to be careful. Fake spider webs can help as they use on Halloween. Black curtains could help to keep out the light. A red painted room would be interesting or burgundy.

Interesting vampire pictures could be put up.

See the Adams Family TV show for ideas on decorating. Also there is Dark Shadows.

You may want to just keep it simple if you have some victims that don't know about the party yet.


Vampire costumes are black and lace for the women. Red and purple are great colors for them also. Velvet, satin and other fabrics can be worn. Jewelry is useful to create a mood. Their hair can be loose and long or put up in complicated styles.

Male vampires can wear black suits. Men can wear capes. The men can also be snappy dressers and wear bright colors. They can dress in outfits that would be considered to be from another century.

Vampires cannot wear crosses. They can disguise themselves in non vampire clothing.

Vampire hunters can dress as they want. They will be dealing with the vampires. They will probably need to have some type of stake or vampire hunting kit. They may be tested by the vampires.

The normal guests can wear party clothes. They can dress simply or in more elaborate costumes. If they want to play it up they can dress in white and white lace. Victorian costumes can be used. If they really like the vampires, they can even dress in a provocative manner. That could hold true for male or female victims.

Vampire Makeup:

Females can wear very pale makeup. Vampires do not get out in the sun. Eye makeup can be played up all the way. Blood red lipstick or other dramatic colors will add to the look. Sparkly jewels will add to your beauty. That is as vampires can be beautiful. They may need to seduce their prey.

Males can wear pale makeup also if they want.

They can all get fangs.

Vampire Hair:

Long black hair is the standard for vampire women. Red hair adds a flashy accent to being a vampire. Then white blonde hair can be quite becoming on vampires. All color hair can work with it. It is a good idea to keep it long and/or twisted in different manners.

Vampires Makeup Tutorial


Notes on the Party


If you should choose to play in this you should know that the vampire hunters will be after you. That is something that you should be very familiar with. The hunters will be protected as the blood of Christ has saved them. They know methods to kill you. You have lost your Immortal Soul already. There is no Christian God for you to call on. You have only yourself for help. There may be certain dark Gods or Goddesses you can turn to for help. Vampires should not touch crosses as they will burn them.

Vampire Hunters:

The vampires have great strength. You need to remember everything that you have available in order to win. Your weapons are ones that have been available since the beginning of time. Garlic will stay them for a time. It will not kill them. A cross will also keep them away from you for a time. As everyone knows you need a stake to kill a vampire. Do not be caught unawares. Another way to kill a vampire is to leave them out in the sun. Another method I have just seen is to recite the funeral service to kill them. I am not sure if that does work or not.

You are allowed to call on the one true God for help.

Watch out for supposed vampire victims that may have turned.

Mortal People:

Beware of who may really be a vampire. There are those that have not revealed themselves. A protection is a cross. If you are wearing a cross or have garlic with you, a vampire will probably not approach you. You can also protect yourself with holy water, or so I hear.

Party Host or Hostess

I would not really invite people to this party without telling them that they will be victims unless you know them pretty well. You would not want the party to get out of hand in any way. You don't want a lawsuit. Make sure that someone is there to keep track of everything.

Vampire Party Test

What character would you like to be?

See results


Bela Lugosi
Bela Lugosi | Source

A Vampire

Le Vampire
Le Vampire | Source
Castle Bran, Romania
Castle Bran, Romania | Source


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