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Venture Into The World Of Cabaret Clubs By Staying At London Hotels

Updated on December 30, 2013
Madame JoJos
Madame JoJos

Big, Bold, and Bawdy

Cabaret in London is bold, loud, and bawdy. If you think that boozing and music are not enough for a great night out, then cabaret in the capital is an ideal choice. For rich and entertaining performances from artists including singers, dancers, and comedians, the cabaret clubs in London will be the right ones. If you plan to stay in the city, visit some of the best cabaret venues near London hotels. Experience a mesmerising night out in the capital by staying at these hotels.

Here are few top cabaret clubs in London, featuring modern interpretations of the most stylish form of entertainment:

Madame JoJo’s

This is a late night cabaret and live music club, located on the Brewer Street, Soho. It has a legendary ‘Kitsch Cabaret’ every Saturday night. This show sparkles the evening with feathers, glitz, drag queens, and stunning live music. The club provides a perfect backdrop for vintage art deco and fifties glamour to this Saturday night show.

Cafe De Paris
Cafe De Paris

Volupte Lounge

It is a small world of pleasure and exquisite delight in Holborn, offering cocktails and world cuisines. Sip some fine cocktails at the bar and head downstairs for dining and dancing show. Get entertained at the club with late night weekend parties until 3 am. It is a great place to watch a season of incredible cabaret nights on Thursdays.

Café De Paris

It is one of the most elite clubs in the heart of London’s West End. This club has the most opulent décor with an indoor balcony and a range of bars close to the main dance floor. It is famous for old school glamour and celebrity guests. Café De Paris is predominantly a weekend club, with cabaret, live music, and burlesque running from Thursdays to Sundays. An accommodation at hotels in Piccadilly Circus will be the right choice to stay near this nightclub.

Proud Cabaret
Proud Cabaret
Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green

Proud Cabaret

Tucked in the corner of Mark Lane and Dunster Court, it is the perfect dining and entertainment option, with the glamour of bygone era. This nightclub in London is all about getting entertained while dining. You can enjoy cabaret, live jazz, and burlesque while eating in the style of retro-Hollywood supper club. The modern British menu like kidney pie and Dorset crab salad is complemented with an extensive wine list.

Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

It is a wonderful nightclub in Bethnal Green with an interest in cabaret and burlesque entertainment in London. Opened in 1953 as a working men’s club, this venue features a plenty of entertainment and cultural actions. From live wild music nights to dress-up and dance parties, you can expect all under one roof. You can enjoy dance classes, karaoke, cabaret, DJs, and disco too.

Peacock Bar
Peacock Bar

Peacock Bar And Club

It is a late night bar and club in Battersea that combines cabaret and burlesque with retro DJs. This dance club has stylish and beautiful interiors where you can find best live music and dance. Get involved every Saturday night with a party of burlesque, cabaret, and retro dances. It is a great venue for hen or stag parties with a wide array of drinks and unlimited dance.


It is a friendly bar in Covent Garden with chic interiors and comfortable seating for up to 60 people. A former public toilet designed exceptionally into a cabaret club, just opposite to the Lyceum Theatre. The cocktails served here are excellent and the décor is seductive. Regular programmes of cabaret, jazz, and burlesque add charm to this bar on most evenings.

Last Days of Decadence

Take a journey into a dark and sensual side of cabaret at this lively bar in Shoreditch. This venue has been refurbished and features a cluster of celebrity DJs on board. This venue presents weekly performances of old school cabaret with shady entertainment to attract the local crowd. Visit this bar and watch how no holds barred comedy meets burlesque and striptease.

Scala Nightclub

It is a multi-purpose nightclub in the north side of Central London. Situated in the King’s Cross area, this nightclub features 3 bars, 2 dance floors, and a stage for live performances. It hosts cool club nights like White Mischief too. It is a perfect venue to watch live gigs, cabaret, live DJs, and Latin nights.

So, these cabaret nightclubs in London are the ideal destination for weekend extravaganza in the capital. Stay at any of the top hotels in London and enjoy a perfect night out at these venues.


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