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Inexpensive Designer Wedding Gifts | Plus, Other Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Updated on June 16, 2013

Vera Wang Wedgwood Wedding Collections

Looking for that timeless, in-a-class-of-its-own gift for the wedding couple? Then let me introduce you to some classic, inexpensive designer wedding gifts. What make these wedding gifts classic?

Well, not only are they designed by the popular wedding dress designer, Vera Wang, they are also part of the Wedgwood Collections. And if you know Wedgwood, they are anything, but cheap. Known for their high quality collections of dinner-wares, cookwares, flat-wares and cutlery, Wedgwood is one of the best in the business of wedding worthy gifts.

Vera Ellen Wang is an American-born former figure-skater of Chinese descent. She entered the world of fashion design after her failed attempt to perform at the Olympics. Her name is also associated with a full range of personal items, women accessories, including jewelry and fragrance, and the finest home accessories.

Her designs, which is crafted by Wedgwood (a company founded by Josiah Wedgwood and known for its manufacturing of quality ceramics, and for combining sophisticated classical contemporary design with highly skilled craftsmanship, and the highest standards of quality), can be found in Macy's, Bloomingdale and other prestigious some stores. Some of her collections are showcased below.

Vera Wang Wedgwood - Love Knots Beverages

This is an elegant crystal with a tied-up bow decoration, a simple but powerful design that adds just the right sparkle to an already beautiful crystal. The etched crystal stemware with its sleek silhouette and narrow stem brings class to every occasion.

This Love Knots Iced Beverage glass is stunning and will make any wine taste even more spectacular. It won't lose it's charm whether it used to serve chilled wine, or iced tea. It will make a great wedding gift, so wrap it with love.

Vera Wang With Love Crystal Picture Frame

Think wedding, think pictures. Any newly-wed will be thrilled to get one of this stunning classic. Their wedding memories are turned into treasures with this stunning With Love Crystal Picture Frame, as the couple can showcase their best wedding picture in one of this.

The crystal on the frames is characterized by a pattern of interlocking rings. These rings symbolizes and captures the never ending character of love. Love is meant to be forever.

Give them one, or give them two. Give it for weddings, or even for anniversaries.

Love Knots Sterling 5-Piece Place Setting

When you just want to give the best, think of this Vera Wang Wedgwood Love Knots Stainless 5-Piece Place Setting. This flatware sets is accented with a delicate bow, a reminder of the love that brought the couple together.

This flatware set is made from brilliant stainless steel with a dramatic hammered finish. It includes a place fork, place knife, place spoon, salad fork and teaspoon. There is also a matching cake Knife & Server Set; 4 Piece Hostess Set; and a 3 Piece Serving Set.

This flatware will bring a touch of romance to any dining occasion, and will be cherished for years to come.

Vera Wang Wedgwood Vesta Metal Bowl

Every home needs that one-of-a-kind bowl, so the newly-wed will definitely need one. What better bowl to give than this Vera Wand Vesta collections piece.

This bowl was inspired by the textures and feel characteristic of nature. the bowl is made from alternative metal. Each piece has a large, weighty feel to it. The newly-weds will find great use for this bowl, as it can be used to serve olives, nuts, salad, or just for display. It will definitely be an elegant addition to any coffee table, or kitchen counter.

Unique Handmade Wedding Gift Ideas

When it comes to giving wedding gifts, most people prefer to give the give of gift cards or cash gifts. Some even prefer to go the traditional way, the good old store-bought gift that's wrapped up in wrapping papers and adorned with ribbons and frills. But there are other unconventional gifts that you can give to the wedding couple.

If you're looking to give a gift that's unique as a wedding gift, try handmade gifts. Handmade gift ideas are gaining popularity. Maybe because they are more unique to the recipient and the fact that they show that the giver has given more thought to choosing a gift that's more personal to the recipient. Here is a video highlighting other ways that you can make your loved one's wedding.

Handmade gifts are usually non-traditional gifts that requires more planning, and is centered around the uniqueness and the personality of the recipient. While the memory of the gift of money and gift card quickly fades off once it's spent, the thoughtfulness of an handmade gifts tends to linger in the mind of the one who received it. So, give the gift that's timeless. Gift that can be passed on. That's the type of gift that keeps on giving

Author: Comfort Babatola - © 2013 All Right Reserved


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