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Veterans Day 2011- Micky Dee Confronts Traitors Like A Veteran

Updated on November 23, 2011

Veterans Day 2011, I confront traitors to America who have called me - a VETERAN - a "punk" who never served, never went to Vietnam, and many other adjectives here on the hubpages.


Most readers will not research to see what has transpired here.

My last several hubs tell the story.


There are no Marquess of Queensberry rules in war.

Don't use polite words in properly indented paragraphs for the perpetuation of THE ENDLESS WAR.


Geneva Convention rules for war:

Protected persons are entitled, in all circumstances, to respect for their persons, their honour, their family rights, their religious convictions and practices, and their manners and customs. They shall, at all times, be humanely treated, and shall be protected, especially against all acts of violence or threats thereof and against insults and public curiosity. Women shall be especially protected against any attack on their honour, in particular against rape, enforced prostitution, or any form of indecent assault. Without prejudice to the provisions relating to their state of health, age and sex, all protected persons shall be treated with the same consideration by the Party to the conflict in whose power they are, without any adverse distinction based, in particular, on race, religion or political opinion. However, the Parties to the conflict may take such measures of control and security in regard to protected persons as may be necessary as a result of the war. article 27 - 1949


Were the Marquess of Queensberry rules for war comprised by "suits" eating donuts and drinking tea?

We used white phosphorous.

We used the bee-hive round.

We used agents orange, white, and blue.

We used fire and brimstone.

Three million people were snuffed out in the biggest snuff film in history at that time.

Now - endless war is on youtube.

Leaders of countries are beaten to death while followers of some god shout praise to "some" god.

Followers of THE God do not praise The God while beating people to death.


And there are no rules to follow in war.


I'm sure this hub won't last long.


A Veteran's Life - Micky Dee

In his father’s eye,

He was just a gleam.

But to his mama,

He would be a God-sent dream.


The parents loved the true God,

And studied the ways of salvation.

They worked, volunteered,

And sacrificed for the nation.


The Bible was their road map,

The law was the Golden Rule.

The road of life took them into a dead-end,

On their way home from Sunday School.


Mama told her God to use him,

While he was in her womb.

The baby was just a lamb,

For Satan to consume.


He awoke in a strange place,

His home was gone.

At three years of age,

This child was all alone.


His waking moments were peril,

A wreck, a storm, a wreck,

Confusion, abandonment.

A battered soul, an injured back and neck.


Grandfather was now the father,

And took him to the farm.

He was clothed and nourished,

But his bed was never warm.


He remembers a fist in a watermelon,

A snake in a passageway.

And, “Don’t go down to the creek,

While you are outside at play.”

He pushed away the child,

Who sprayed pesticide in his eyes,

But he would take the whipping,

More tears would follow lies.


He was thrust with people,

He would never know,

It was a strange world,

For a child of God to grow.


He was always the lonely child.

Yes, everyone seemed to be gone.

So in throngs of people,

Yes, he was always alone.


It was elementary,

That he learned the principle,

That guilt or innocence,

Doesn’t matter to the principal.


Institutions of “higher-learning”,

Would always be out of reach.

He was told this early on,

This was the message his teachers had to teach?


There were separate classes,

For the better minds,

The better coached asses,

And pampered behinds.


He saw people cheering,

On their feet,

At merely a touchdown,

Or another athletic feat.


And so at 98 pounds,

Short and small,

He tried to stand against giants,

Fighting over a ball.


He was waiting for a bell,

Before entering a hall one day,

And was choked by a teacher,

Who said he was in his way.


Audie Murphy and Sergeant York,

Called him to the Vietnam War.

After 3 million deaths he hasn’t a clue,

Of what the hell he was fighting for.


He came back to the world,

Confused with patriotism,

That required blind allegiance,

To financial fascism.


Darkness covered the Earth.

Confusion ruled the day.

Continuous lies are promoted as truth.

As they take another soldier away.


“Lock him up on 15 East!”

Was the chorus the pious sang.

He needs more time alone.

Put him on the last chain gang.


“The top of the food chain, defines your taste”.

Was the message for us.

“Make haste, lay waste!”

“Work is your answer”, was their chorus.


Decades of toil and sacrifice,

Lead to the theft of his birthright.

The deceivers say he never worked.

They say he did not fight.


He pours over his military record.

His best witness is his foggy mind.

His broken body has too much to say.

His audience is deaf and blind.


“They” called him a lazy coward.

“They” referred to him as just another punk.

Leave him on life’s highway,

Like a possum or another stinky skunk.


Heroes are taken down another notch.

There isn’t a complex mystery.

The spoils are taken by the victors,

As they rewrite history.


“They” say he never stood against racism.

He had only token friends.

As he wrote volumes of God’s truth,

Satan tied up all the ends.


He stood in the Mountain View.

He spoke the words so true,

This word you call my brother,

Is offensive to me, and it should be to you.


Falsehoods are woven.

The henchmen’s lie only entangles.

As the soldier goes back to Mudders Ridge,

Cam Lo, and Con Thien, the Hill of Angels.


He remembers the night in Laos,

With his brother, on a rock, in a hard place.

And all of his life he would never forsake,

And would never lose his brother’s face.


The religious sat in their pews.

Quoted scriptures in their book.

Stood and sang a hymn.

Never gave him or truth a second look.


Rewrite your history, it ain’t a mystery.

Justify your apathy, with a few more lies.

Stay seated on your pews,

Wait for rapture in the skies.


“They” say he was a fraud.

“They” say he never gave.

Fact is he stood every day of his life,

And he will – until –he is in his grave.



~Micky Dee~


Our friends, and ends we left at home,
As we soldiers left to roam,
The Earth to fight, to do or die,
To answer The Call of Semper Fi.

We went from playing with rocks,
To a jungle where we burned our socks.
We rose from childhood to walk a strange land.
With an M-16 or grenade in our hand.
No one knows what we came to know,
Burying the dead, row by row.

Wash and shave in that skull bucket,
Pick up your rifle and just say fruck it!

On one another we did depend,
To take a hill and then defend.

Our drill-instructors taught us well,
To defend ourselves in that hell.

The lean-to with the poncho,
The corporal or sarge who was the honcho.
The chain of command,
Wasn't that grand,
And often put us in the hand of a man,
Called a second Louie with a map in his hand.
Cut bamboo for water drops.
Charge that hill, pull out all stops.

We'll take that hill, then give it back.
And we never know when Charlie fights back.
The Mountainyards were a happy lot,
Though many seemed to not have a pot.

The village people were not a band,
But lived truly on their land.
How did we live while taking the lead,
As the enemy waited and drew their bead?

Stay down! Soldier, are you okay?
Let's go slow to see another day.
Let's clear another field of fire.
And hope that we can fuel the desire,
To fight enough to stay alive.
For it isn't blood on which we thrive.

Camouflage green was our fashion,
As we ate our WWII C-rations.

Let's smoke another fag,
Before filling another sand-bag.

Let's build another wall.
We answer every call.

And if we fall we fall.
Takes work to stand this tall.

With our balls to that wall!
Our asses in the wind,

We perpetually go,
Wherever they send.
I will die for the Globe & Anchor.
To defile our creed just causes rancor.

Defending our brothers was not a chore,
And I would gladly return for more.

Today we hardly know where to stand,
Please listen to our Marine Corps Band.

With guns and ammo in our hand,
We fight for justice across the land.

Make a stand, lend a hand,
Don't send us just to invade a land.

Make our quests to always be,
To fight for justice and liberty.
We don't ask for lettuce on lapels,
We just fight against all hells.

Keep the faith. Fight with pride.
Keep us truly true with God on our side.

We need our other brothers,
To help us home to see our mothers,
We will save our brother's face.
Even should we take his place.

This is truly the soldier’s race,
To see God's face and His saving Grace!

It's always,

And we only cry oorah,


~Micky Dee~




These hubpages are used for PROPAGANDA.

The lie of the Vietnam War hub of James A Watkins is a terrible writing posturing the neoCONjob that is perpetuating ENDLESS WAR.

I've stated the lies before:

YOU CANNOT KILL 3,000,000 people without torture.

The Vietnam War says allegations of torture were/are exaggerated.


No torture? WHAT WAS MY LAI?

The "commie leftists" protested. It wasn't "concerned citizens for sanity"?

James Watkins drags Che Guevera into his web of deceit.

Che Guevera NEVER KILLED 3,000,000 people. As a matter of fact - when he and Castro threw the United Fruit Company out of Cuba- that rebellion killed fewer people than the United Fruit Company. Che Guevera never invaded as many countries as American businessmen at that time. But Ernesto Guevera is more history distorted. I wasn't "there" but I read and I can draw conclusions as to chains of events - especially when the actions are repeated eternally.

But those left wingers were with right wingers when war in Vietnam was decided. Don't sell the neoCONjob here or anywhere.

It's CRIMINAL to perpetuate this propaganda.

It is ANTI- American to sell this propaganda here or anywhere.

It is ANTI-God to sell those lies here or anywhere.

It is against every VETERAN EVERYWHERE to post this neoCONcrap.

There is a host of "moderators" here and folks with other titiles.

However - the FOUNDERS of these hubpages are responsible.

The buck stops with them.

Lies are published.

Outrageous racial remarks are allowed. They were - published on these hubpages.

Other slanderous remarks were allowed.

Few people voiced any disapproval.

These hubpages are a SAMPLING of America and this does NOT bode well for AMerica or the world.

I have news for a lot of you- you're just shyt on a good man's shoe.



Shyt On A Good Man’s Shoe


You’re just shyt on a good man’s shoe.

Always looking for someone to screw.

.Better watch out,

or it could be you.


The businessman can start a big nasty war

While smoking on his big cigar

And driving his fancy car.

Hiding behind his sheriff’s star.


We fought a war for you.

Now you’re just shit on a good man’s shoe.


You’ll have pride in your SUV

You’ll have stickers for us all to see.

You’re as patriotic as you can be.

Well you’re just a liar to Vets like me.


Send our troops just don’t ask you.

You’re just shyt on a good man’s shoe.


You might wear a robe,

You might sit on a throne,

But you’ll have a judgment day of your own.

You can’t leave a good man alone.


You’re gonna’ reap,

just what you’ve sown.

This is for soldiers,

both alone and gone.


Support our troops,

your sticker might say.

But you’d have us dead,

if you had it your way.


Go ahead and screw a Vet.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.


The good Lord’s gonna’ get back at you.

You’re just shyt on a good man’s shoe.


~Micky Dee~



The NECONs Want a "Pin-up Soldier"!

The more, the merrier.

Wear the right imported clothes,

Stick up for war,

While the elite hold their nose.

The Vet loves the country.

He comes in many hues.

No matter the branch of service,

The Veteran pays the dues.


~Micky Dee~

Why Are Churches Failing?


Crossing "Ts" and Dotting Eyes


Don’t just do something! Sit there!

No sense in mussing up your hair.

It’s quite nice sitting on your pew.

But there’s a lot of stuff you could do.


Your faith requires no action

What is this religious faction?

What are you? Eggs?

You may as well have no legs.


Eschew a smidgeon of religion

It can be like poop from a pigeon.

Giving the church a new coat of paint,

May never make you a saint.


Stained windows look so bold,

Though insulated, can be cold.

You may have a pew named after you.

Sit there till your rear turns blue.


I’ve seen you kneeling,

And it’s very appealing.

Cushion your knees,

As you make your pleas.


Dine all together,

In the church’s kitchenette.

Bon appetite,

But please don’t forget,


The bag-lady pushing the cart,

The man sleeping on the grate.

The Vet that defended your church,

Make sure that he gets a plate.


There will be a day,

We all will have to pay.

God will tell each man,

Take the heat. Make a stand.


You continue to bow,

To the politicians’ lies,

You’re crossing every “T”,

But you’re dotting both your eyes.


You only appear to be correct,

As you dice and dissect.

Your morals and tenets are suspect.

Is this the way you become erect?


You carefully slice the pies,

While the Earth cries,

As faith withers and dies,

You cross your “Ts” and dot our eyes.


True believers worship the true God.

We search the skies.

But you cut out every tongue,

And blind all our eyes!


Give us green trees,

Clean air and smokeless skies,

Pure water to quench our thirsts,

Restore these visions to our eyes.


The is world is begging, please,

Stop taking out our knees.

Forget your punctuation,

And the crossing of those “Ts”.


When your Armageddon comes,

And you fly into the sky,

God will certainly reward you,

For crossed “Ts” and dotted eyes!


Listen to the cries,


.~Micky Dee~



It is for EVERY Veteran that I will call these cowards out.

Punk this James.

My next lines will be calling YOU and all the girly (sorry ladies) men who want a beat up a Veteran.

You folks at home may want to refresh your browser.

I'm sure the next row of lines will bring down this hub and possibly all my hubs.

But don't just do something - sit there!



This hub is in defense of truth. This is defense. Don't call me punk. Don't call any Veteran "punk".

James A Watkins - and some of your "friends (whatever the hell that means) have insulted this Veteran beyond your call of duty to lies and we all know from where lies come.

The OWNERS of these pages KNOW what has happened here - YET - there is NEVER representation.

This is slavery. No chains but poverty keep some here.

Work is destroyed and TIME CANNOT be recovered. Yet - the hubpages marches on.

Lies are published. Propaganda is the fruit.

War and death and suffering is perpetuated.

The next batch of Veterans will be treated like I have been.

Some will kill themselves like Stanley Patrick (supposedly) did.

Let me say the next few lines for Stanley Patrick.

Let me say this for all the bullies of this world who get their kicks - kicking Veterans.

I hate it - yep - write it down. I hate it.





James A Watkins-

You and friends have insulted me.

I am calling you and your hoard of hell-hounds out.


You've written checks,

That your ass can't cash.

You chafe my ass,

Like a terrible rash.


I'm calling you out.

On Veteran's Day.

You've told your lies.

You've had your say.


I know your NEOCON GAME.

From where you came and how.

If your parents weren't into anal sex,

You wouldn't be talking, out of your ass right now.


You James A Watkins are a traitor to this country and those who publish this Vietnam War lie - are also traitors.

Now folks - don't do anything - just sit there.


~.Micky Dee~



So Veterans Day is at an end.

The show is over.

I'll not retract any writing here until my hubs are published or there is representation instead of FORCE FED PROPAGANDA OF NEO-CON-ARTISTS.

These hubpages need a law-suit from someone who believes in lawyers.


The US injustice system should look into the hubpages.

But that would be to imply that there is anything but injustice.

A hubber writes copy and paste propaganda and there is silence from the moderators.

A hubber makes racial slurs - hubpages is silent.

What does it take to wake humanity up?

Go back to sleep.





This "writer" posts racial slurs.

This JAW calls me way too many names. I have some listed on "my" Vietnam War Rebuttle.hub.

It is no surprise that neoCons are in the Democratic Party.

NeoCons have the same strategies that most fascist use.

The JAW and his minions call me maniacal. Well I am a Vietnam Veteran. What could make me mad? Would it be another Vietnam War story of lies?

You bet.

The "discredit mill" churns out a description of me as "always 'acting' in this fashion whenever I disagree with anyone.

That also is a lie.

But write me down as disagreeing with hubbers who attack a Muslim woman and her religion. Go ahead.

While you're at it - I went against a hubber who used 911 to further his neoConjob. That would be a manwithnobrain or something similar.

Write it down that I went up against a neoCONjob that disguised itself as a probe into "a" debt crisis. "Oh dear what can we do about that debt?"

Well study the "federal reserve". That debt will never be paid off. Get used to it. There will be natural and unnatural catastrophes. But the neoCONjob will march right on with endless war. The jobs will be put in the hands of people who take jobs over seas and destroy them here.

These are the facts.

Go to sleep.

Believe all the hype and lies.


Turn the kids over to the war machine.

Not me.

Go to sleep.



Slave Trade Documentary

It never ends.


If you don't see it - you are not looking.


If you don't see it - you are not looking.


If you don't see it - you are not looking.


Go to sleep.


Hold that party line.


Shut your ears, eyes, and mind.


Penn State? Sexual abusers in charge of kids? You ought to keep your eyes, ears, and minds OPEN. Before there was a Sandusky, there was a Donald Fitzpatrick molesting boys while being shielded by the Boston Red Sox. Today in headlines is ANOTHER, "A high school football coach in Wyoming has resigned after orchestrating what may be the single-least appropriate motivational tactic in recent years...."

We have superior-???- gOvErMmeNt that slaps the hands of sex offenders.

We have superior-???- gOvErMmeNt that slaps the hands of bu$ine$$men.

We have superior-???- gOvErMmeNt that slaps the hands of elected and appointed criminal$.

We have superior-???- gOvErMmeNt that slaps the hands of MONEY.


We have superior-???- gOvErMmeNt that makes the POOR pay for the sins of these perverts because our superior-???- gOvErMmeNt pretends to be tough on crime - except for public officials who kill our youth with war and sexual perversion.

Vote on! Elect a republican, democrat, teaparty - never mind that THESE PERVERSIONS, the United States Injustice system of crucifying the weak, and a legislative body that cannot make laws to defend the children of the US and the world.

Vote on.

But you cannot have war without a republican AND democrat.

Elect another black lawyer.

Elect a white one.

Elect a Chinese lawyer.

There will be NO savior from Harvard or Yale.

Vote on.

Vote for the status quo, sexual perversion, injustice (that includes false testimony/evidence/manufactured crimes/ETC.



If America is the fairest with liberty and justice - THE WORLD IS TRULY IN SHAMBLES.



Pretend you don't see.


There are more slaves TODAY than ever before in history.


Pretend you don't see.


There are more slaves TODAY than ever before in history.


Pretend you don't see.


There are more slaves TODAY than ever before in history.


Pretend you don't see.


There are more slaves TODAY than ever before in history.


Pretend you don't see.


There are more slaves TODAY than ever before in history.


Pretend you don't see.


There are more slaves TODAY than ever before in history.


Pretend you don't see.


There are more slaves TODAY than ever before in history.


Pretend you don't see.


There are more slaves TODAY than ever before in history.



Go back to sleep.


The Greatest Speech

Do not watch these videos.

Go to sleep.


Some do not believe in spirits.

Some do not believe in God.

Some do not believe in Satan.

Doesn't matter.

Know your true enemy.

Call them by any name.

Give them any title.

There are only people who choose?



Be still and know.



Hubbers - RIGHT HERE- disguise themselves.

Hubbers - RIGHT HERE - pretend to represent God.

Hubbers - RIGHT HERE - disguised as little sweet ladies - EVEN - disguise themselves with false names - FALSE AVATARS - and say they represent God.

These "pEoPlE" (?) attack the truth, condone lies, condone racism, perpetuate the "sTatU$ quo of ENDLESS POLITICS of evil.




Call it all busine$$ as usual.



Today - every religion is compromised.

Every religion - that I have seen in my 62 years - is infiltrated and compromised.


American Distraction Gaining Traction


Go to church, go to the temple.

Go to mass.

But I can see right through them,

As if they were glass.


Face the East,

Or sit on a pew.

Put up the front,

As all the religious do.


But when asked to stand,

I see only fear,

From the religious wrong,

Who refuse to see or hear.


The western world rushes to church.

Then speeds to Sunday dinner and a football game.

In merely seconds,

They forget Jesus and WHY He came.


America has become,

The world's arms dealer.

Jesus and others came,

To be the world's Savior and healer.


Secret societies,

Rule our lands,

And the world cannot be healed,

With weapons in the hands.


And eons march along.

Truth is put on a shelves.

Because lawyers of America,

Will not police themselves.


Pledge another allegiance,

To the flag of the corporation.

Rename America,



The evidence falls all around.

It has for hundreds of years.

As America's gross national product,

Is slavery, blood, and tears.


Give the people distraction!

Discredit ANY name.

Believe ANY lie.

Watch a ball game.


Breathe the funky air.

Eat tainted meat.

Drink bottled water.

Elect the oppressors - then repeat.


~Micky Dee~



Show me that America can stand - and I will cease from speaking.

This world is under the same lEaDeR$hiP as it was 2,000 years ago.



When my home was broken into -








Even though the knife was dropped -

even though the knife was carefully taken care of -

due to my grabbing a giant sweaty arm-

even though several bikes were tossed,

even though parts were tossed,

even though I was almost killed,





Neo-conservatism is for neo-conservatives.

The "law", laws, lawyers, CONgressmen and CONgresswomen work for the NEO-

Neo conservatism has NO PLACE on planet Earth.

The NEO-CON lie was born (supposedly) with Irving Kristol (January 22, 1920 – September 18, 2009). Kristol was an American columnist, journalist, and writer who was dubbed the "godfather of neoconservatism".

The NeoConMen may have started with the fraudulent election of 1876. But it really did nort. Slavery has been a pastime of the elite of America before 1776.

So - we'll never know when the peak-bigotry began.

But the WAR on the poor never lets up.

Business does what it wants.

Hospitals work on the insured first, last, and best.,

Police work for the money.

The poor fight the wars.

When the Veteran returns from war - THE VETERAN is POOR.

The Veteran will be taken care of if that's what the community wants. That Veteran had BETTER NOT WAIVER from the propsed ROLES that the entrenched have for us.

Lawyers? The lawyers will do what they've done since America was born. The lawyers will make laws for the rich and against the poor.

America is home to the greatest scam of history.

Oh - I love America the BEAUTIFUL, LAND of the FREE - ALL THAT.


Kristol was one of the New York Intellectuals. This was a group of Jewish American writers and literary critics based in New York City in the mid-20th century. They advocated left-wing politics but were also firmly anti-Stalinist. Maybe it was because Stalin was insane.

The group is known for having sought to integrate literary theory with Marxism and Socialism while rejecting Soviet Communism.

The "hysterical channel" (four intellectuals) would have us believe that Kristol came to his beliefs because of rioting at Columbia U. He saw radicals damaging property, etc.

So - out of his rage at some people being violent in protest of war (or whatever)- Kristol and other "intellectuals" began the "somewhat silent" war against people who were not of money, power, and their "intellect".

FACT IS - Kristol and many other neoCONS have never actually worked. They never will.

Kristol extolled the virtues of capitalistic America that went to war to defeat crazy-man Hitler. It made sense to him as he was Jewish. Never mind that America waited until the false flag of Pearl Harbor was created. Never mind that the conscience of America could not awaken otherwise. So - does it always take a "false-flag" to stir America?

Vietnam was a FALSE-FLAG. The Maine was a false-flag.

So many lies are told about Vietnam that it makes this VIETNAM VETERAN SICK.

Intellectuals DO NOT WORK.

Intellectuals - INTELLECT.

Kristol made a living with a war against the poor.

Most neoCONmen and neoCONwomen - will never do a day's work.

They support the money.

They appease the money.

They appease the power.

They continue a WAR ON THE POOR.

The "iNtElLeCt$ spur patriotism to endless war.

The "iNtElLeCt$ will say anything, beat anyone up, perpetuate endless war that WE THE POOR WILL FIGHT.

NEO-CON-MEN do not go to war.



The soldier will be imprisoned, deprived, confused, robbed, discredited.- ETC.

No - this America - this western civilization is not civilized.

Lawyers - who NEVER police themselves or their court-rooms will be elected tto destroy the real AMERICA more and more.

These lawyers will make a mockery of justice as they have done for decades and really centuries (just look up the election of 1876).

The NEO-CON-MEN extol religion. Yet- they are not religious. Ronnie and Nancy did not know how to partake in "COMMUNION". Nancy and Ronnie believed in zodiac "ministers". Talk about "star-wars".

They extol virtue as they export American terrorism. Just look up the murder of hundreds of thousands of East Timorese by Indonesians armed with M16s made in America. The soldiers were trained under Blackwater - now Xe Services.

But American TIEcoons can't make a shirt in Bangladesh under a hundred? Under $50? A Hifiger shirt sells for $150 at a mall where this Veteran cannot afford to eat.

Bottom line- America is being choked to death with a civilized football game, a civilized prize-fight, a civilized WAR that keeps war from America's shores???

Our kids are missing.

Yet America is "civilized".

Miss Manners and Mr. Manners tell us to be polite, use proper etiquette, use proper English -while we - SET THE WORLD ON FIRE FOR bU$iNe$$ a$ u$ual.


\Forget ALL history.

Say the "ALLEGIANCE" to the corporation!

Capitalism - AND OUR capitalism with Mr. and Mrs. Manners is the only way!

Now - go kill and be killed for intellectuals and lawyers and bankers.

It's only fair to lift the lawyer onto our shoulders with the polluting, enslaving businesses.

It's only fair to lift the intellectual - who will never work and only support the power.

Healthcare will be for lawyers, intellectuals, and those who can afford Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

The Veterans are of the lower class and like the lower class - they7 do not deserve dental. The poor should NEVER SMILE!

The poor should NEVER feel good.

This is America's message!


if you aren't "with it - you are against us!


When a policeman inve3tigates a crime against a Veteran - the only finger-printing done - is on television.

Perry Mason to CSI have finger-printing science and finger printing kits.

The police investigating crimes on the poor - do not have finger-printing kits.

The police investigating crimes on the poor - do not have DNA tests - until after the accused is dead.


Land of the privileged!



And today - there will be drunk drivers.

Today - a bicyclist will be killed intentionally.

Today - a truck driver - somewhere - will slam on his brakes to cause a cyclist to be injured or killed.

And America sits on it dead, enslaved butt.

This is the real America.

It's the America of "Lord help me change the things I can and accept those things
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't..."

Prozac please!

"Lord help me change the things I can and accept those things I can't - with medication!


When a cop comes to investigate a robbery of this Veteran - no investigation.



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