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Choose A Victorian Christmas Decoration For Elegance

Updated on December 1, 2012

Victorian Christmas decoration is a lovely way to decorate your home with an elegant touch. The style is about femininity, class, and rich colors. You can create decor that you will hate to part with after the holiday. Victorian Christmas decoration uses the basic decorative tools and pulls together elements from the holiday to make a lovely look in your home. If you are interested in a mature and classy style of decorating this holiday season, consider using Victorian Christmas decoration.

When using a Victorian theme to decorate, consider using colors that are not as bright as the traditional Christmas red and green. Colors like burgundy, navy, gold, silver, and hunter green are great. You can even try a deep plum if you want to bring a purple into the mix. You have a lot of variety of choice with the colors, but if you stick with the darker and richer hues, the theme will come across a lot better.

Lace is a fabric that most designers would not use for Christmas decoration. However when decorating with a Victorian edge, lace can come in handy. Lace can be used on the tree as a garland accessory. It can also be used to line candle dishes or even the mantel. If you do choose to use lace, it is always nice to use an ivory variety. Ivory goes much better with the Victorian theme and it comes together nicely to create an aged look for your decor.

Ribbon is also lovely to use with the Victorian Christmas decoration theme. Ribbon can be used along with white lights and lace on the tree for a very formal looking Christmas tree. Instead of an angel, consider using a large ribbon made bow on top, with streamers running down the entire tree. This is a great way to create a showcase tree for the holiday with a Victorian style influence.

Gorgeous Victorian Village Displays:

If you do decide to use ornaments on your tree, then consider forgoing the modern variety. Vintage looking ornaments will work best with the style. Think about using ornaments of old fashioned toys like spinning tops or jack-in-the-boxes. These ornaments will allow you to use added decor on your tree without taking away from the theme.

The Victorian theme is one that is very coordinated. Everything within the decor should match nicely. Therefore, it is only appropriate that you use matching wrapping paper for presents. Not all of the presents should be wrapped in one specific paper, but all of the papers should coordinate nicely together. If there is a lovely Victorian decor yet the presents under the tree are in cartoon and snowman paper, then it will ruin the entire look.

Using coordinating wrapping paper is a great way to complete your Victorian Christmas decoration style. This may not be as great if you have young children, but then again the Victorian look is a more mature look that works best for older families without youngsters.


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