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Buy Vintage Christmas Lights Online

Updated on November 19, 2015

Shopping Guide To Buying VIntage Christmas Lights Online

Vintage Christmas lights bring back a nostalgic feeling to Christmas. Christmas lighting was made differently back in the days and the old lights give a glow to Christmas that looks a little bit different then they do now. Maybe you like to decorate with vintage Christmas lights or maybe you just like to collect them.

Some ideas for decorating with vintage lighting includes using candoliers which are lit candles with orange bulbs that look like flames which can be placed on mantels or in windows. They come as singles or in three, five or more candles. Another idea is to use candle lights on your Christmas tree. This style of Christmas tree decorating looks so pretty and old fashioned. There are many ways to decorate with vintage lights for Christmas and you can use old magazines or the internet to get some ideas for vintage style Christmas decorating.

Where To Buy Old Christmas Lights?

If you are looking for old fashioned Christmas Lights, then Ebay is the best place for it. Usually you just can't go into a store and buy vintage Christmas lights but Ebay has a great selection. Take a look on the right to see some of the old Christmas lights currently on Ebay. It also shows the current bid which usually is around the final selling price. At any one time there are hundreds of vintage Christmas lights for sale on Ebay so you'll be able to find what you want to complete your collection or add a new look to your Christmas decor.

The first time I ever noticed the market for collectible Christmas items was on Ebay. I happened to buy some Noma bubble lights at a garage sale and looked at the price on Ebay and was surprised to see what a selection there is. Shopping on Ebay is so easy. You simply find an item you like and place your bid. If you are outbid on items, Ebay will send you a notice so you can keep track of the current prices. It is great fun to shop on Ebay when you collect vintage Christmas items such as Christmas lights.

Decorating With Vintage Christmas Lights

Decorating with vintage Christmas Lights is a fun way to add a nostalgic feeling to your Christmas celebrating. Imagine have a tree all sparkling with oldtime Christmas lights such as bubble lights or candle lights.

Bubble lights are so pretty on a Christmas tree. The lights take a few seconds to warm up but once they do they give a pretty effect. They come in various colors for both the base and the liquid inside of the bulbs. The bubbles move from the bottom to the top. Its hard to describe but you really have to see them in action to enjoy it to the fullest. Another type of vintage Christmas lights are candle lights. They also give an old fashioned feel to your Christmas decorations. Imagine a tree decorated with candle lights, vintage ornaments and old silver tinsel. Your holiday guests will enjoy it. Have a tree decorating party with an old fashioned theme. Serve up some old fashioned cookies and decorate your tree vintage style.

Some of the vintage Christmas lights that Ebay has for sale are shown below. If you shop online you fill find a great selection of vintage Christmas lights and at great prices. Ebay sellers will ship your order directly to your home. Some of the popular brand names of vintage Christmas lights are Noma and Paramount if you do an Ebay search.

Vintage Christmas Lights: Lighted Tree Topper

Vintage Christmas Lights to top off your tree really adds a nice special effect. In the olden days the top of the tree was the most important part. It was a big tradition to place the topper on top of the tree. Vintage tree toppers are so pretty and come in a lot of designs. On Ebay they come in several different styles. A popular vintage tree topper would be a lighted Christmas star or a lighted Angel.

Look at some of the vintage Christmas tree toppers that I have listed below. I'm sure you'll find a lovely tree topper that will look beautiful on top of your Christmas tree.

Replacement Bulbs For Strands of Vintage Christmas Lights

You may already have a string of vintage Christmas lights but need replacement bulbs. Ebay is a great place to find those spare bulbs. You can find vintage snowball light bulbs, mazda lights or Noma bubble light bulbs. These items are really hard to find and there are a lot of Ebay sellers that specialize in selling replace bulbs for strings of vintage Christmas lights.

When you are looking for replacement bulbs with a vintage look, you can't just go into a store to buy them so Ebay is the place to go. Its like a catalog of old vintage Christmas items.

Classic Vintage Christmas Lights

Vintage Christmas Lights
Vintage Christmas Lights

VIntage Christmas Lights: Candoliers

A popular way to incorporate vintage Christmas lights into your modern Christmas celebration is to decorate your mantle or window with vintage Candoliers. They come in singles or many have 3 or more lights. Some of them may have the old flame light bulbs that were popular in years past.

You can really make a pretty, nostalgic mantle display with vintage items such as the candoliers. Simply put some holly or fresh pine around the candoliers and find some vintage Christmas decor on Ebay such as reindeer or Santas. Ebay has a huge selection of vintage Christmas items.

Check out the ones I have listed. Those are only a small representative of what is for sale on Ebay right now. Ebay has thousand of vintage Christmas items for sale.


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    • profile image

      Vintage Christmas Lights 6 years ago

      Vintage Christmas Lights are the key to your home's perfect lighting to reflect this season's cheer is to keep things simple yet elegant.


      christmas light strings

    • ericosiu profile image

      ericosiu 7 years ago

      great pictures! i'm a big christmas light show fan myself and i just started my own hubpage! hope you can check it out!

    • pakpub profile image

      pakpub 7 years ago from Ohio

      Richard, the old vintage Christmas lights leave a really nice glow. Thanks for commenting.

    • Richard Thomas profile image

      Richard Thomas 7 years ago

      They are absolutely stunning lights! Thanks for the Hub!

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Nice selection. Never too early for Christmas.