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BEST vinyl record turntable Christmas Gift Guide

Updated on December 22, 2013

Best USB Vinyl Record Player for any Music Lover

Are you a vinyl record collector too?

Who isn't, if you are a "baby boomer", like me too.

During my years of "teenaging" (about 1967 until I married in 1980) I loved collecting vinyl records of my favorite music, starting with "the Beatles" till "Led Zeppelin". Until today I still love just all kinds of music.

When technology of recording and listening music started changing and developing, (CD, MP3, Ipod...) namely "digital" technology repressed the old romantic "vinyl record music". Almost we lost in history the coziest and most romantic way of listening to music.

Did you started "storaging" too all your records? Like I did?

Because my whole collection was to big, to display it in any of the rooms in home, I just saved them in boxes, somewhere in the basement. BUT...I hadn't anymore the chances to listen to my rich music collection.

So finally "the solution" came on my way, a few years ago, when I received from my family members one of my most favorite gifts ever: a USB vinyl record turntable.

All my problems have been solved same time. Again I can display my vinyl record collection somewhere in home. And while listening to MY music on a decent good quality turntable, even over my portable PC (while working on my business), I'm "saving" simultaneously MY music choices in a "digital version", and building different playlists on CD, USB memory stick, hard disk drive, MP3, or Ipod.

I'm sure, if you are looking for some good valuable Christmas Gift for a vinyl record lover? For sure, you will find here on this lens some good Ideas.

Choose YOUR favorite Vinyl Record Turntable - Best Christmas gift for a "baby boomer" Music Lover

My ZOLID USB Turntable

My "ZOLID" USB Turntable is a simple "budget" vinyl record player, very cheap, but very effective. I received it as a gift few years ago, because I'm a "vinyl record collector", and because I love to keep my huge vinyl record collection. This collection reminds me of my "teenage years" (1967 until almost 1980), the time I was collecting my favorite music. My "old turntable" doesn't work anymore, rather he doesn't produce anymore good quality music, when I'm listening to my records.

I expressed my "fear" to my family members, to loose one day my "collection" of records, so they decided to give me this "USB Turntable", so I can save my teenage music, by converting all the vinyl records into "digital files" on my hard memory disk. From this "disk" I produce various playlists, listening to them when driving my car on long distances.

After the quick automatic installation of a "driver" from the delivered CD to my PC, after some minutes I was already playing my old records, listening and enjoying my teenage music through the USB connection with my PC, while saving the music on a USB memory stick, or MMC/SD card. The functioning is so simple; the manual is written very clearly, even for "pc dummies". So this gift was absolutely one of the biggest hits among all gifts I ever received.

This "all in one" turntable is the BEST option towards my collection of vinyl music records:

* at one side: I can still listen to quality music in a "romantic" way as years before

* at the other side: I can save this vinyl record music for ever.

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    • poldepc lm profile image

      poldepc lm 5 years ago

      @tonybonura: I'm so happy, I decided to keep my collection; enjoying it now "listening" and "digital recording" it...

    • tonybonura profile image

      Tony Bonura 5 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      Love your lens. If I still had my collection I would get a turntable and record them all onto CDs, but alas, it was not to be. I did replace most of the vinyl albums with new CDs just because the reason I had the albums in storage was because of the music.