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Walking Dead Halloween Costumes for 2015: Carol Peletier

Updated on September 27, 2015
Jeannieinabottle profile image

Jeannie is a huge fan of Halloween and loves everything that is ghoulish. You can often find her reading or writing horror stories.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a series that continues from week to week on AMC. If you like zombies and you don't get too bummed out about most of society being wiped off the face of the earth, then chances are, you are already a fan. This fall, The Walking Dead will be starting its 6th season. For Halloween, why not celebrate by dressing up like your favorite Walking Dead character.

Sure, anyone could dress up like a zombie, but sometimes it is more fun to dress up like a survivor. In this hub, I would like to focus on how you can dress like Carol Peletier.

Anyone Care For Cookies?


Embrace Your Inner Housewife

I don't care who you are, man or woman, it can be fun to dress like Carol from The Walking Dead this Halloween. Now that Carol lives in Alexandria with the rest of her group of survivors, she has taken to pretending she is like Betty Crocker. She bakes, she sews, and she appears to be the perfect sweet lady. Meanwhile, she also threatens people when need be, including a small boy that merely wants cookies.

So how do you dress like Carol this Halloween? Think sensible wardrobe. Would you Mom wear it? Unless your Mom is ultra-trendy, chances are your mother's look with "Mom jeans," along with sensible shoes, and sweaters are going to work. You may want to raid her closet, for that matter.

What you'll need for your wardrobe:

  • A dress shirt with a collar
  • A nice sweater, preferably a cardigan to layer over the dress shirt
  • Jeans that are not too tight, dress pants, khakis, or cords
  • Loafers or some other type of shoe that is not too flashy

You will not want to wear anything too flashy. You see, Carol is trying not to stand out. It is hard to fit in and appear harmless if you are too noticeable. You've got to keep up appearances with neighbors.

A little bit of makeup, along with really subtle jewelry, will top off the look. After all, when you are worried about zombies eating you, no one has time to care about manicured nails or long earrings. Keep it subtle and you will be fine.

The Walking Dead: Carol Threatens Sam

How to Get Carol's Hair

I found Carol's hair to be the biggest challenge when dressing like her. After all, it is quite short and gray. Turns out, stores like Party City and Halloween City have plenty of short, gray wigs. If you can get your hands on one, that is probably the easiest way to dress like Carol Peletier this Halloween.

Now, if you happen to already have short, gray hair, then you are already set. But what if you have short hair, but it is not gray? Have no fear! You can either buy some gray hairspray from a costume shop, or if you have dark hair, you can sprinkle baby powder into it. Yes, baby powder will make your brunette hair look gray in seconds. Just make sure to keep a bottle with you the entire night so you can occasionally re-sprinkle your head. At least it won't leave your head feeling as hot as a wig does.


Props You Will Need to Complete the Look

It never hurts to have a few props to complete your Walking Dead Carol Peletier look. Of course, a knife or a gun is a good idea. Please try to use FAKE guns and knifes should you decide to go with those props.

In this past season, we've learned that Carol makes the best cookies ever. If you are inspired, make a batch of cookies to carry with you to the Halloween party. If you don't have that kind of free time, buy come cookies from the store, throw them on a plate, and call it a day. Just remember not to threaten any small children if they happen to like your cookies. Kids tend to get a little sad when they think zombies are going to eat them.

You can also opt to carry around a casserole dish. Fixing a nice casserole is the perfect way to sympathize with a mourning neighbor or begin a threatening conversation with an abusive jerk. If you do find some creeps at the Halloween party you are attending, just remember, it is all in good fun and don't break out any real knives. If you do, don't refer to this hub or The Walking Dead when discussing the matter with the police.

The Walking Dead: Carol Threatens Pete

Completing Your Carol Peletier Look: It's All About Attitude

The last important key to mastering your Carol Halloween costume is simply attitude. You need to be mousy and sweet until you suspect someone is going to mess up your chances of survival. If that happens, you need to sneak them around the corner and threaten them. If need be, you may even have to kill somebody, but hey, this is only Halloween and there aren't any walkers roaming around your house, so calm down. You can pretend to kill as many people as you'd like, but don't really be like Carol.

With these tips, you are bound to look and act like Carol Peletier in no time. You will be making everyone from The Walking Dead proud this Halloween.

Copyright ©2015 Jeannieinabottle


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