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Want To Buy A Present That's All About Antigua And Barbuda? It Could Be Easier Than You Think!

Updated on October 4, 2014

Antigua Is Beautiful!

Creative Commons Licence  Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
Creative Commons Licence Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) | Source

Buy Antigua and Barbuda Gifts On Amazon!

Map it!

Sometimes it's just as if people make it deliberately hard to buy them a present. Why can everyone not just be satisfied with, ooh, choccies and socks, and, um, dressing gowns, and Amazon gift vouchers maybe? No, no, people are just awkward, they insist on having special interests like obscure sports, and musicians you've never heard of, and countries they want to holiday in or where their families originate from.

That's fine, as long as you have the faintest idea about the country they do keep wibbling on about. At least you have something to go on. But what if their main interest at the moment is, say, somewhere like Antigua and Barbuda? What the heck do you do then?

I mean, what do you know about Antigua and Barbuda? What do I know about Antigua and Barbuda, for that matter? I could probably list the answers on one hand, never mind two. They're islands, right? Located in... no, you got me on that one. Great holiday destinations? I'm pretty sure that they're generally attested to be great holiday destinations. But how does all of that help if you want to buy a present for someone associated with Antigua and Barbuda?

I guess there's one gift that's always going to please a lover of an exotic hotspot and travel destination, right? Get them a super highly recommended travel guide with lots of lovely piccies, and bask in their polite thanks. (They've probably already got it. Oh well. At least you tried.)

Maybe something a touch less obvious? There are at least a couple of Antiguan women writers listed if you go searching on Wikipedia, maybe worth checking out? Or going for the novelty gift market, there are always banners, flags, posters and fridge magnets. Alternatively, how about jewelry – lots of lovely Antiguan and Barbudan charms available for a pretty charm bracelet.

Whatever you go with, I'm sure your Antigua and Barbuda-fancying friend will appreciate the extra effort!

Antiguan Volcano

Public domain.
Public domain. | Source


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