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Water for Future: Remembrance of World Water Day -March 22

Updated on March 19, 2014

According to the recent calculations and work while reaching 2025, almost two third of world population will face the scarcity of clean water.From this data's we can judge that future population will lead to war in the name of water.If we think that the existing clean water is also for the future generations and work according to that, then we can overcome the scarcity of water. We have to consider the situation where we travel for a long distance to take water from pits and small streams to drink.So work accord with this in mind.

According to the UN's Human Rights Report around 110 crore people around the world is facing the scarcity of clean water. People of a few countries spend 10% of their revenue for drinking water.


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March 22: World Water Day

From the year march 22,1993 we are celebrating World Water Day.The resolution was passed in UN on 1992 December 22.It is celebrated according to the UN's environmental development meeting agenda 21.

The UN declared 2005-2015 as year of drinking water in order to attain a mammoth task of providing clean water to all people around the world.This decision was taken in 2003.

water pollution
water pollution

Water-Water everywhere! Not a little drop to drink!

Water is available everywhere, but most of it not good for drinking. We can't say that now days water we are using is really good. Recent studies done in analytical labs by collecting samples from different places reveals that most of it contains deadly toxins, more iron content,chlorides, fluorides, coli form bacteria and high PH values.

Water pollution:

Contamination of water by Unwanted and toxic waste is termed as water pollution.Increased industrialization and other human's uncontrolled exploitation leads to scarcity and water contamination.

Water Scarcity Map
Water Scarcity Map

Calcium Carbonate in 1litre water

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Calcium Carbonate in 1litre water  
type of water  
soft water
slight hard water
Hard water
very hard water
Water Hardness
PH value chart
PH value chart

Hope you will try your best

PH value(Potential Hydregen )

Quality of water is decided with the helps of finding the PH value of it. It help to find the acidity or alkalinity of water.By international rate the PH value of water is 7, but according to Indian rate it lies between 6.5-8.5.f the PH value is more than 7 it is more alkaline and if the value is less than 7 it is more acidic.

But in many places water drink by slum people is almost acidic.

Acid Rain:

Rain is vanishing from crazy humans who exploit everything for their personal needs without considering the environment.As a result of their exploitation, formation of Acid rain is increasing day by day.

Acid rain is the after effect or byproduct of human made air pollution.Due to deforestation the increased air pollution with Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which reacts with moisture which produce carbonic acid. This will fall to earth as acid rain which destroys further greenery and monuments. This also leads to water pollution.

Why water is important

Water means life; life is everything but if we want to live a good life then, we must take care not to contaminate our bodies.

The problem of water scarcity is increasing day by day. As more people put ever increasing demands on limited supplies,then the water's importance of political and social stability will grow with the crisis.Also the importance of finding new techniques to extract freshwater will increase.

I only want to say one thing to all humans if you want to see the life continuous to sustain on earth,then we must take necessary measures to keep the water flow.

Main Pollution ways

  • Natural resources
  • Anthropogenic resources
  • Industrial sources
  • Domestic sources
  • Agricultural sources
  • Mining sources

Uncontrollable extraction of fresh water and other interference with ground water are the immediate cause of water scarcity in the world.

Over exploitation of ground water and other aquifers etc. by digging bore well causes a huge drop of water level in the ground.Mainly in three ways human interference degrades the quality and quantity of natural supply of fresh water.

Firstly, there are more than 50,000 of the dams are build all over the world which alter the natural flow of water. Secondly, Moisture of the soil is lost in land degradation caused by the poor farming practices and deforestation.

The Final thing is the pollution of surface water from the runoff of chemicals and waste from the household.


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