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Ways To Keep Your Child Believing In Santa

Updated on January 28, 2013

Christmas is a magical time of the year for anyone at any age. As time passes the spirit of Christmas changes for everyone. When you are a child, the pure magic of the season is enough to keep you excited. No one wants to watch that magic slip away from their children. Here are some great ways to keep your child believing in Santa and in the Magic of Christmas.


Letters To Santa

Writing a letter to Santa is a fine art for parents who are trying to keep the belief alive. There are many programs that allow your child to write to them, and they will respond as “Santa”. Many of these programs cost money but there are ways in which a parent can do the same thing. You just have to be quick and make sure that your child does not see you putting the letter in the mailbox, or taking theirs out. When your little one gets the mail and notices that they have gotten a letter from Santa Clause himself, they will be overjoyed.


The Importance Of Milk And Cookies!

This is already a tradition in many homes, but the importance of this custom is oftentimes overlooked. Leaving milk and cookies for Santa is a simple way to show your child that he exists. Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to bond with your kids while making cookies, but it shows them that you believe in him as well. Why else would you take the time to bake cookies for someone who did not exist?

Make sure to eat the treats that were left out for Santa. If your young ones wake up in the morning, and the cookies are untouched they will really doubt his existence. Another thing you can add to this tradition that we always did in my family was to leave carrots for the reindeer. When we woke up in the morning and saw the half eaten carrots it filled us with happiness. It’s comical now to think back on what my parents must have gone through to leave nibbled carrots all over the yard!


Santa Tracks

For those truly dedicated parents who need to really instill the believe back into their children this one is for you! Leaving tracks from Santa and his reindeer can be a chore, but it will mean the world to your child to see them on Christmas morning. It is easy to leave Santa tracks around. All you need to do this is a pair of boots. Leave muddy prints in your doorway and large heavy tracks in the snow around your home. The reindeer prints may be a little harder to pull off, but if you can you will not be disappointed by your childs response!

Just Be Creative!

Another great way to keep your child believing in Santa Clause is to have him keep in touch with your child throughout the year. Maybe Santa could send your little one a birthday card or a post card. Parents can use this to their advantage as well if your child is being unruly.

These are just a few of the many wonderful ways that you can keep the magic alive with your children. Everyone can remember watching for Rudolph’s nose in the sky on Christmas Eve and how it felt when you found out that he was not real. Wanting to delay this feeling for your children as long as you can is not a bad thing. Your kids will appreciate the effort and time your put into keeping the Christmas spirit alive in their hearts if even for one more year.


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    • MissouriSEOCompan profile image

      MissouriSEOCompan 6 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Great hub. I wish I had seen this when I was making mine about catching Santa on a home security camera system.

      I think I'll try to give you a link in my links section or feel free to leave your url in a comment.