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Ways to Celebrate Those You Lost and Love During the Holidays

Updated on December 4, 2016

The Holidays

First one must understand and know that the feeling of missing a loved one should not be dismissed. You should love those you have lost and feel the pain of losing a loved one. To deny this feeling is unhealthy and untrue to yourself. If you are have a difficult time coping please seek professional help. There is nothing wrong with seeking assistance to help you to use tools that ensure you navigate through life with a healthier prospective to continue after your loved one are gone. As painful as it may seem, those who have moved on to the afterlife would not want you to abandon their traditions during the holiday season.

Honoring Those That Passed Away

How can you honor our mother, father, loved ones, friends that passed? Keep the traditions and values that meant so much to them. If they loved children then volunteer your time to help children. If they had special need to help those less fortunate volunteer to help out at a homeless shelter. If your parents passed of a disease or illness then make it your desire to volunteer to help organizations that contribute to society by addressing the situation that caused their demise. Volunteer to assist with diabetes, domestic violence, gun control organizations, criminal reform, etc. Take your time and do something to honor those causes that speak to the life and situation of those that have passed. Helping others not only does something to honor those you have lost but it takes the focus off of you and your feelings, channeling that energy into contributing to society and helping others. Isolating yourself and withdrawing from the world will not make this situation better and only serves to deepen your depression.

Another Way To Celebrate

Another way to survive the holidays is by honoring the memory of those you loved. Instead of being stuck in the tears, be stuck in the celebration. Every Christmas/Thanksgiving you should write the name of those you lost. During the course of dinner someone should pull a name from the basket. Allow each person at the table to share a memory of that person that celebrates that person. Instead of being caught up in the loss, be tied to the wonderful memories and times that this person added to the lives of the family members that you love. Allowing each person to take turns recalling a funny situation or interaction with that person it allows the memory of those you lost to live on and one has the opportunity to celebrate that person rather than be stuck in feeling the loss of the person. Each person should have the opportunity to share one memory so that person is not lost.

Grieving is a natural feeling. The holidays are difficult but my prayer is that the grief does not destroy you. You are here because it’s not your time to go. You have time to honor those that have moved on before you and keep their legacy alive. Please be inspired to help others and refuse to let your sadness overwhelm you.


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