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Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages for Everyone

Updated on March 22, 2014
Happy Anniversary Greetings Card
Happy Anniversary Greetings Card

Celebrating Your Anniversary

This hub has a bunch of wedding anniversary wishes for both husbands and wives. If you are a loving husband, then you can select an appropriate anniversary wish message for your dear wife. If you are the wife in search of such messages, you have also some really nice choices.

Marriage is a holy bond which binds two souls together. A good marriage is based upon love, companionship and respect for each other. When the date of wedding anniversary comes, the married couples celebrate it to regenerate the love and attraction for each other. In this hub, I am trying my best to enhance that mood of your special day.

The first group contains the husbands who want to send some lovely messages to his dear wife. The second group is of the wives who also want to do the same. The last group has the friends and relatives who want to wish others on the occasion of anniversary.

Here is a collection of wedding ceremony wishes for all. Read all the quotes and choose the one which is best suited to your test.

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A Bunch of Great Marriage Anniversary Quotes

  1. Congratulation to you two for having spent another year successfully as husband and wife. May God bless you on all the coming years!
  2. Happy anniversary wishes for the man I always loved. Thank you for being with me for all these years.
  3. I love you even more after spending five years together. You are the best a husband could ever get. Celebrate the day with unlimited joy and happiness.
  4. In every marriage independence is equal, dependence is mutual and the obligation is reciprocal. Happy xth wedding anniversary to you both.
  5. After all the parties, friends, and well-wishers and glittering wishes cards, you will have your wedding anniversaries- each and every day!
  6. Hope that love which brought you both together to bind in the tender bond of marriage is still the same. Wishing you a great anniversary!
  7. May all the years in the future will increase the love between you even more.
  8. They are blessed who loved each other. Happy anniversary to the best loving couple I know!
  9. In marital relationship you have to do two things: Whenever you are wrong admit it and whenever you are right shut up.
  10. No fancy card or no expensive gift is not as powerful as the words: " I love you". Happy anniversary my love!
  11. In this special occasion of celebration of our marriage, I'll going to say you that my love for you will not be perished even with my death. enjoy the day, my dear.

Some More Unique Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  1. I know you are with me for every right and wrong. I know the love you have given me cannot be repaid by a costly wedding gift or some beautiful cards and flowers. Happy anniversary!
  2. In our anniversary I will only invite you to live in my heart and stay there forever.
  3. I am wishing for the best couple of the country that in near future you will be regarded as the best in the world.
  4. A bouquet of love is what I am sending for you to say the words: I love you and will love you ever. I want on this special occasion of our anniversary that you will know how much love I have for you, my dear. Wishing you a happy anniversary!
  5. I want to say in our wedding anniversary that you are my everything, without you I have nothing.
  6. You are still same new and fresh to me as you were __ _th years ago. Happy anniversary my dear!
  7. The flowers are beautiful, so do you. The sky is blue, your eyes are bluer. My love for you will remain the same forever.
  8. Celebrate the day of your 10th anniversary wishes with full energy. I can't wait to join the party.
  9. Marriage is such an event which must be celebrated and an anniversary of that event should be enjoyed with full vigor. Get ready for a rocking party, I'm going to join with you.

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Happy Anniversary Wish MessageWedding Anniversary Card
Happy Anniversary Wish Message
Happy Anniversary Wish Message
Wedding Anniversary Card
Wedding Anniversary Card

Anniversary Wishes Video

A collection of Lovely Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  1. Love that stands every earthquake and every tornado is what which has made our relationship so strong and solid. Happy anniversary to you darling!
  2. I hope to you both will be very happy on and after this special day; best wishes for your wedding anniversary today!
  3. Happy Anniversary to you both, the best loving couple of America! May your marriage be blessed with love and companionship!
  4. Today I am thanking you for giving me some special years of happiness. Happy anniversary to the best husband/wife of this country!
  5. May this year brings many moments of happiness to you. Wishing you a very special wedding anniversary!
  6. Oh my love listen: Today the fairy from the moon will come to bless us for eternal love!

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Some Short Wedding Anniversary Messages

  1. On this special day special wishes to both of you! May all the years to come will see the much more love and attachment between you two!
  2. Every year with you is sweeter than the last.
  3. Time passes with you so, so fast! Happy anniversary to you!
  4. The lovely feelings, love and companionship which has made you such a happy couple may continue for ever!
  5. If ever any beauty I did see,It seems, but shadow of thee,Happy anniversary!
  6. Times have been changing crazily faster and faster, but the love I feel for you are the same as it was and always will be. Happy wedding anniversary my love!
  7. Music and Gifts and love, these are all the concepts of an anniversary. It is for you and me.

For some cool collection of wedding anniversary messages for husband check below.

Rainbow of Love: Anniversary Graphic Quotes

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For More...

Do you need to have some more anniversary wishes ? If you need some for your friend's anniversary or for your husband or wife then you can check some of my hubs. You can bookmark those pages for coming back later.

If you like these messages and wishes than I'll consider that all my efforts to produce this piece of contain are fruitful. So, do not feel shy to express your opinion about this hub.


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      malik 3 years ago

      very nice massege for anniversary

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      sivasankari 5 years ago

      happy birthday