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Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Updated on June 24, 2013
Happy Anniversary Wishes
Happy Anniversary Wishes

Wedding anniversaries are for reminding us about what our duties are to maintain happy and healthy conjugal lives as man and wife. As a rule of nature, every man and women are attracted to opposite sexes ( well, not everyone). But it needs something more to keep the bond of marriage strong. We do little sacrifices each day for our spouses. We create a happy family in this way. Your friend, whom you want to send anniversary wishes, deserves some cool wedding anniversary wishes to encourage him or her to continue the tempo of the married life. Here are some collections of such wedding anniversary wishes to friends which are well suited for the purpose. Go ahead, read them and select one to write on a card, or send it via facebook or any other social media.

5 Anniversary Wishes to a Friend

  1. A wedding anniversary means that you have already completed another happy and successful year together. It sounds easy but is not. I know the efforts and little sacrifices you both made and are still making for each other. Happy anniversary to you my friends!
  2. Marriage means the bondage of two personalities to make a family. Both of you are ideal for making a happy family and for this reason I am sending my heartiest congratulations to you on this special day of your anniversary.
  3. I know the importance of this day. This is the day which will remind us all about to learn from you how to lead a happy conjugal life. I am proud of you my friends. I wish a superb happy anniversary for you!
  4. You have spent another year together. You guys are splendid. Carry on and take my best wishes with you. Happy anniversary!
  5. Maintaining a happy family is one of the toughest job of a lifetime. I congratulate you for doing it so easily.

5 More

  1. Another anniversary has come and I am again amazed, as usual, seeing your capability of maintaining so much love and help for each other after so many years. Get my puzzled congratulations my friends for your happy anniversary!
  2. Your life as a married couple and your process of growing together as a happy family is inspiring for us all. Congratulations and enjoy the day!
  3. I am wishing you a happy anniversary and still praying to God for being able to send such wishes for many years to come!
  4. It is a rule of nature that opposite sexes are attracted to each other. But for some reasons they are not well fit for each other. Some of them are fitted somehow for years. A little number of them are very well suited for each other. But some rare ones are made for each other. I am extremely lucky to know that my friends fall in this category. Happy wedding anniversary to you guys!
  5. I know there were times when there were anger and frustration between you. But I also know that love is such a strong adhesive which will bear many such incidents and will glue you for ever. I wish the happiest anniversary for you!

Funny Anniversary iPhone Message

Funny iphone anniversary message
Funny iphone anniversary message

5 More Wishes!

  1. It is difficult for me to imagine one of you without the other. You are well matched to each other! Happy anniversary to you!
  2. I hope this day of anniversary will bring you both closer. I also hope that it will make the bond between you stronger.
  3. May God bless you both and help you to lead a life full of happiness for many, many years to come. My best wishes for your happy wedding anniversary!
  4. May this special day helps you to forget all the mistakes of the past. Give my congratulations for the day!
  5. You have spent a lot of time with each other. You have implanted personas to each other soul. You have been unified as a unibody now. Happy wedding anniversary to you!

Happy Anniversary Puzzle

How Many Differences are there?
How Many Differences are there?

How Many Differences are there?

See results

Last 5 Anniversary Messages for Friends

  1. The love between you is inspirations for us. Keep Loving each other. We are your humble students. Happy anniversary!
  2. Some years ago both of you started your roller coaster ride of married life. You have seen continuous ups and downs. But instead of leaving each other’s hand you have been closed to each other and it seems that you are going closer day by day. My heartiest congratulations for the splendid anniversary of the best couple around!
  3. I hope that you shall enjoy this day of anniversary, a day of your conjugal festival. Keep your relationship such cool for years. My congratulations and best wishes for the day!
  4. Warmest congratulations to the cutest couple of the century! Enjoy your anniversary guys!
  5. It is good to see you both together. May the love and fellow feelings between you remain constant for the entire lifetime.

Cool Wedding Anniversary Card

I am not an artist still this is my work of art :p
I am not an artist still this is my work of art :p

Funniest Ever Wedding Anniversary Letter to a Friend

My Dear P.O.A.S.,

I am too glad to be invited by you on your anniversary. Your invitation letter was a crap but no one has expected much better thing from you.

Give my love (just Platonic) to your sweet wife and send my sympathies for her for being compelled to live with a jerk like you for so many years. Surely, she could have been a Mandela or Gandhi or Mother Teresa.

I like the chemistry between you two and dislike your group photo. It is because, you looked like an African pygmy elephant beside your wife.

Sorry for being unable to attend your party. My sociopath boss is sending me in a mission to be-fool some clients. I have to go their to steal their money by making them Jack-ass. I hope that you shall understand my position because you are also a corporate thief like me. That's all, bye.

More Anniversary Messages

If you guys like these anniversary messages then you can check some more related hubs. There are some anniversary wishes for wife. If you happen to be the wife then you can collect some good wedding anniversary wishes to husbands to make him happy.

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