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Wedding Flowers/Decorations: Getting the Most For Your Wedding Dollars!

Updated on October 6, 2015

Wedding Flowers/Decorations: An Overview For the Bride-to-Be

Let’s put wedding flowers in perspective. When I look at my mother-in-law’s wedding photos, I’m in awe. The flowers flow beautifully and abundantly from her hands and the hands of her bridesmaids. They are gorgeous! You look at that picture and say, “Wow! What a wedding!”

And therein lies the value of your wedding flowers. They are forever remembered in your wedding photos, for generations to come. The flowers and the photos (in which they appear) are priceless! So how do you make the most of your floral/decorating dollars?

Put the majority of your flower/decorating budget in your bridal-party flowers. These will be the ones forever captured in your wedding photos and video, the ones treasured by your future children and grandchildren.

Caution: The Bridal Party and More...

Keep the bridal party small to get the most for your money. If you have 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen, you’re going to be paying a fortune for bouquets and boutonnières. And when there’s that many, how beautiful can they be (if you have a small floral/decorating budget)?

If the bridal party is small, don’t be afraid to use expensive flowers (quality roses and orchids, for example) for the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids and groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnières. Think of those photos and video.

Tips for the Wedding Ceremony

1. Have an aisle runner. They’re impressive and the paper variety is inexpensive. Your florist can supply the aisle runner or you can purchase one at a floral supply business. (They come in different lengths, depending upon the length of the aisle.)

2. Have the florist make two large, impressive altar bouquets (one for each side of the altar). These do NOT need to include expensive flowers. They just need to be big with lots of flowers and designed with style. Your photos and video, taken after the wedding ceremony, will be taken where you said your vows. Once again, remember those photos and video.

3. Make your own bows for the pews or chairs. Attach with rubber bands; never use tape. Give them to friends or relatives to place on the pews/chairs before the ceremony begins.

Tips for the Wedding Reception

Make your own non-floral centerpieces. Give them to friends and families to set-up and place on reception tables.

Candles of all heights, sizes, and colors, placed on mirrors from a party-rental store and accented by "glass pebbles" (found at crafts' stores in the flower department), make stunning wedding centerpieces.

Words of Wedding Wisdom™

Always shop florists and get estimates. Compare them to get the best value for your dollar before signing on the dotted line. And be sure to give yourself plenty of time when making non-floral centerpieces; don’t wait till the last minute.

Follow these easy instructions and your wedding budget, when it comes to beautiful flowers and stunning reception centerpieces, will NOT break the bank.

Visit Deborah McCoy:


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    • Deborah McCoy profile image

      Deborah McCoy 7 years ago from Florida

      Hi... that's the idea! :-) Brides-to-be before the wedding day should not be worrying about making bridal-party flowers. Those flowers take the skill and expertise of a professional wedding florist. Having been one myself, i know from experience the work involved.

      Making "non-floral" centerpieces for the wedding reception is a different story. They are easy to make and are cost effective. And the best news? They can be made well in advance of the wedding date.

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

      I love wedding flowers, they just make a huge impact. Another idea is to use a professional florist for the bouquets but make your own (or have a talented friend or relative) make the centerpieces.