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Wedding Singing Made Easy

Updated on July 13, 2009

The job needs tact as well as talent

Wedding bells
You are probably going to get more work performing at weddings in a band rather than solo. It is unfortunate, but audiences, particularly those at wedding functions, want more bodies to look at and real instruments like drums to stare at.
Like any musical venture the wedding band scene is competitive and shouldn't be treated lightly.

There's a lot of money to be earned out of it if you are good. So you will have to pull out all the stops to get noticed. Advertise yourself and contact a variety of entertainment agencies.

Remember that 99 per cent of the work will probably be at weekends so you might need other jobs in the week to supplement your income if you aim to do it full-time.

Top hat and tails
Image is extremely important at a function where everybody is probably going to be dressed to the nines. It is no good turning up in tatty jeans, ripped t-shirt and all the baggage from a post-punk modernistic era. You don't have to all wear wedding suits but you will have to think about towing the line at some point and getting into some smart/casual attire.

Like dress, attitude is important. Don't forget, these wedding guests are your employers so its no good kicking the page boy to kingdom come if he lays a finger on your drummer's cymbals or smacking the best man one if he tries to grab your mic.
Mr Sandler began abusing his wedding guests when his life hit the rails in the film. Unfortunately you won't have that luxury if you want your career to last. You will have to keep up appearances even if you recognise the bride or groom as an old flame.

On some occasions you might have to act as compere or master of ceremonies for the afternoon/evening, or even act as the diplomat between members of feuding families if things turn sour.

At the end of the day, you will need to be upfront, confident but not cocky because, if you think about it, there might be other potential customers in your wedding audience. And most bands do get their work through word of mouth in this field.
You will also need to keep your band's volume levels in check - you don't want to blow the wax out of dear old granny's ears or give the chap with a pacemaker a heart attack.

It might pay you to speak to a representative of the families or the best man to find out a bit about the happy couple so you could intersperse the songs with a few comments and make the occasion even more intimate. Find out if anything happened at the stag or hen nights or the wedding itself - as long as it's clean. Furthermore you could add a few jokes, but test the water first before turning to the wife ran off with the best man jokes.

Finally, you might want to come up with a few anecdotes on life and marriage, but try to be sincere.


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