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Housewarming Gift Ideas

Updated on October 7, 2017
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to help people in difficult situations.


Buying or renting a new home can be stressful. Back in the day, people used to give gifts to new home owners to help out and they still do it today. Buying or renting a new home can be expensive at first, but buying every thing to put in it can be expensive. The first thing you need to figure it out is the items that they need. Some new home owners already bought what they need and maybe you just want to be nice and buy an item for them. Let's go over some ideas of what to buy them.

Kitchen Items

Items like pots and pans or dishware will come in handy. The more the better, so they have a variety of cookware that they can choose from to use. Dish cloths and towels will come in handy as well especially if they end up having children or just love to cook.

Also, check and see if they need any appliances like a microwave. A microwave will come in good use to make quick and easy meals. If you would like to spend a little bit more money, find out if they have a dishwasher. Dishwashers can be expensive or you could give them a gift card to purchase appliances that they need at a business they might choose from.


Living Room

Check and see if the person(s) need any stands like end tables or a television stand. End tables are great to put items and can be expensive. If you have good carpentry skills, you can put them to use and make them yourself.

Believe it or not, some places do not come with ceiling lights. Lamp lighting is another great gift and cheap. You can find good lamps at Goodwill or Walmart that work great and last a long time.

If you can find out the person(s) favorite colors, you can get them an area rug. An area rug will come in use any where in the house and they do work well and can last a long time.


Bathroom items are often times left forgotten. A lot of people forget to purchase items for the bathroom, because they are so focused on other parts of the place. Things to clean a bathroom will be a great purchase like a toilet brush or a good plunger.

A nice bath towel set is another great gift idea. Find out if the person(s) has a bathroom theme before purchasing. Once you know the theme, you can purchase a shower curtain set or a bathroom rug set. Stores now make memory foam bathroom rugs. They can be expensive, but make a great gift.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      When my niece moved to her new wedding house, we bought her a microwave oven. She told us that she needed one. Easier for us. Rather than buying two same things for her