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What Are Morphsuits?

Updated on June 14, 2012
tuxedo morphsuit
tuxedo morphsuit

Morphsuits are selling like hotcakes, yet still the question on many people's lips is "What are Morphsuits?"

Morphsuits make your costume party come alive! They are incredible stretchy lycra all-in-one costumes that cover your whole body from head to toe, and come in a multitude of colors and sizes.

Morphsuits morph your body into something or someone else. You can be as crazy as you like because no-one need know who you are underneath the disguise. Theme your Morphsuit to suit the occasion.

For Halloween, there are skeleton, wizard, zombie Morphsuits and more.

For sporting events, you may find a Morphsuits representing your team colors.

There are Morphsuits representing your country's flag for when you feel like being patriotic.

For parties, there is a fantastic choice of styles, morphing your body into whatever costume you can think of.

Best of all, Morphsuits are affordable to all.

purple morphsuit
purple morphsuit

How did Morphsuits start?

Three Edinburgh University graduates first met the stretchy-suit idea when someone turned up at a costume party wearing one, quite possibly from rival company Zentai.

They were astonished by the reaction other party-goers gave to the stretch-suit which was by far the best costume at the party.

Such was the positive response, the three men Gregor Lawson, 33, and brothers Fraser, 33, and Ali Smeaton, 31, who between them had degrees in both marketing and business, decided to start their own company, AFG Media, to buy stock and sell Morphsuits.

These guys also named the product 'Morphsuits', which is a perfect descriptive title.

In their first year, they worked from home while holding down real jobs, but the company was so successful they soon found their had to quit their jobs in banking and insurance to devote their full-time attention to their business.

In just 3 years, they have built up a multi-million dollar company.

Morphsuits are now sold in more than 70 colors, patterns and designs including ninja, commando, skeleton, pumpkin, Santa, elf, racer and many others.

Plans are afoot to introduce yet more styles to the range including police, Spartan and gangster Morphsuits, in 2012.

green man morphsuit
green man morphsuit

What to Wear Under A Morphsuit

Because they are figure hugging, really any underwear will show through. While the material isn't see-through, outlines show.

In that case, it is probably is best to go naked underneath a Morphsuit.

My face is covered, and I want to drink

This is one of the incredible properties of Morphsuits. You can drink straight through the material! Just lift the glass to your lips are usual, and you will find this to be true.

You can breathe and drink through it, and it doesn't make your body sweaty either as the fibres allow your skin to breathe.

How do I go the toilet while wearing a Morphsuit?

In the interests of hygiene, please do remove the Morphsuit from the top of the head down.

There is a hidden zipper to enable you to get in and out of your Morphsuit quickly and easily.

Dancing in Morphsuits


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    • wkhigley profile image

      wkhigley 5 years ago

      Very true.

    • Isabel Melville profile image

      Isabel Melville 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      If they look creepy, then they are excellent for Halloween :)

    • wkhigley profile image

      wkhigley 5 years ago

      I'm sure there's potential for some really cool costumes there, but the fairly simple ones in the article and video look downright creepy.