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What Christmas Means

Updated on July 31, 2016

What is the significant meaning of the Christmas Holiday in your life? By E.Corn

It is indeed the month of December and most people all over the world are so engrossed in running to the malls and shops to buy Christmas d├ęcor and gifts for the holiday. Yuletide season is the most awaited holiday by many regardless of status quo, race, religion, and economic stability. Way back when I was still a kid I always thought that Christmas was about presents, caroling to every neighbors house, good food set on the table for Noche Buena (Christmas Eve), fireworks, and of course nine morning masses (a traditional Catholic mass in the Philippines before Christmas). There are certain things that are no longer the same considering the prevalent life and place that I chose to dwell and create a few years back. The culture and traditions that I grew up with are peculiar to the area where I currently live. Yet, I can still reminisce about every detail of my childhood memories especially in times of Christmas.

For me the spirit of Christmas is so intense that I can sob myself for joy and seclusion at the same time. I recall the feeling of bliss from recollecting the great experiences of Yuletide holidays with my family, despite the humble life they can offer and a dejection of desolation that my heart discerns from being apart from them. For some that have been blessed with great fortune of financial wealth and career, Christmas maybe defined by acquiring pleasure materially. The indulgence of fancy shopping and extravagant vacationing is doubtlessly self-rewarding. Enjoy and make the most of it while it last. Others prefer to commemorate the occasion with friends, parties and exchanging gifts. Indeed, it is a fun-filled spree, savoring every minute of it. After all, a holiday is for everybody to feast on.

What Christmas really means will greatly derive from each one of our own perceptions, experiences, traditions, and cultures. What is immense and significant for me may not be for others and vice versa. I may be a hypocrite not to say I desire the possibilities of abundance that life can offer, while striving hard in daily undertakings. The enormous beatitude that my heart deemed for the life I created was such a real blessing which made me whole as a person, yet somehow uncontrollably infer that part of my being has yearnings. I have constantly been adrift with the emotion of alienation from being apart from my family for quite some time. If there are only few a whims to spell for Christmas, I yearn to spend some Christmas holidays with my family way back home and perpetually aspire for their good health throughout the years. We may cheer ourselves with friends and material possessions we attain but, for me family is what Christmas means. It is a moment where we can express to them our utmost gratitude in various ways. Our life on earth is clearly changing and momentary but, the love we build and furnish to our love ones will unceasingly retain in their hearts until the end of time.

Life is too short and we must make the most of it. Spend your precious moments with the people that truly invest their love in you, and forget the ones that only look after you at the summit phase of your existence. I believe Christmas is neither a onetime deal nor just a yearly celebration however, it is a whole year chance of flaunting our affection and gratitude to our family and to the ones who deserves it.

May all of us will be blessed by the Spirit of Christmas from this year and onward regardless of the various dilemmas that some may currently prevail to experience. I am an immense believer of equal chances and that nothing on this earthly world is permanent. Even our most vulnerable moments are just passing and only time can reveal our equal chance to justify and claim our own victory: an equal chance to relish a genuine bliss.


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