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What I love and hate about Halloween

Updated on October 23, 2011

I saw this question and thought it would make a neat hub. I simply could not fit everything into one little answer. So, buckle up.

What I love about Halloween

Seriously??? How cool is it that dorks like me get to dress up and be their true selves, or imagined, for one whole day? I get to pull my striped stocking, knee high boots, black broomstick skirt and bodice and poofy sleeved shirt out and where it all and no one says anything about it. I get to put the black lipstick and eyeshadow on. I get to accentuate the white stripes in my hair. And everyone looks at me like I'm ok. For just one day.

On top of that, let's add all the great music and parties, and fun food. Who doesn't love Thriller? Really? I thought so. It's just not Halloween without Werwolves of London or Thriller being played on every radio station. And kids' parties, adult parties with food like green slime and bat wings.

I love decorating the front of my sister's house. We add new gravestones every year. It's getting bigger and better. And I love that it's a family event. We all get in on it. Me, my husband, my 8 year old, my sister, and her 4 year old. We love it. That alone is worth it's weight in Snickers.

And speaking of, let's talk about free candy. Oh yes!!! Gots to love the candy patrol. Years ago I invented reverse trick or treating. Well, probably not invented it. I'm sure someone somewhere came up with this idea long before me. NO one had come by my house. So I went out with the candy I had bought and went door to door handing out candy. It was fun and the look on people's faces was priceless. Try it one year. It's more fun than you think. Now that I have a child I am faced with the pile of candy that needs to be hidden before it's devoured, by any of us. To solve the problem of too much candy, we limit trick or treating to an hour and then we play poker for it. It works out well for eeryone involved.

Another thing I love are the old movies and horror shows. I'm talking old school like Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. I'm also a zombie freak and I love that AMC put the season premiere of Walking Dead on Halloween last year and season two opener right after my birthday.

I am obsessed with pumpkins. Growing them, picking them, painting them, carving them, cooking with them. Gods, I love pumpkins. This year, I'm carving one pumpkin a day for the month of October. That's a lot of pumpkin seeds. And we eat about half of them and plant the other half. So much fun. And there is something oddly satisfying about stabbing in those beautiful orange orbs every year.

Being a witch, I love the symbolism of Halloween. I love leaving a meal out for my grandfather and a wine out for my grandmother. I love knowing that this is the last harvest before the cold months of winter, so I check my stockpiles (I'm a crazy couponer) and make sure I have everything we would need in a storm situation. I love acknowledging the darker side of life. It's only through death that everything truly can live.

What I don't love about Halloween

I hate that a lot of people still associate this holiday with Satan worship and all the lies and misconceptions people have about witches. Don't believe in Satan. Can't worship what I don't believe in.

Also, just because we believe it's the time of year spirits can pass over into the mortal world, that doesn't make it scary. Not all spirits are demons or inhuman or evil. There are certain tv shows out there that perpetuate that idea. It bugs me. I have encountered very lovely spirits. It bugs them, too.

One other thing that bothers me is parents not allowing their child to celebrate "a holiday that worships the dead." Not for nothing, but we're not worshiping the dead. We are honoring those that have come before us. We are honoring their wisdom and the gifts they have passed down to us. There is no human or animal sacrifice. NO blonde virgins on an altar. Most of us just take a moment to say thank you. A little respect to those who have paved the way is a good thing.

Well, there you have it. Thanks for reading.


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