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Birthday Ideas For Him - What Men Really Want For Their 50th Birthday

Updated on February 3, 2015

50th Birthday Gift Idea's For Him

Your special man is having his 50th birthday and the planning has begun. Your man is excited about what is being planned for them even if they don't show it.

Whether it's the silence and peace they really deserve, excitement or some sexy action. But what concerns men in their own minds is what they have to show for themselves by this iconic age. This leads to the age old question. What Do Men Really Want?

Men are normally assumed to be happy on their birthday with the gift of accompanying the partner they desired or very fond of. This may be true but beside spending time with the birthday man that is ready to be surprised.

What does this mean for you? Whether your are a spouse, partner, friend or child you are gaining brownie points for past mistakes or future ones. Don't mess this up this is an iconic time that causes reflection for the road ahead. It should be special.

You may plan on giving the customary tie, jewelry, movie and a dinner with more style and flair than the last year but is it enough? Consider you the person before making this decision. What do they really want?

If your a couple by some chance turning fifty here are some creative couple gift ideas I want to share with you.


What Men Really Want For Their 50th Birthday

Men are simple people (my opinion). Men love a great car, clothe, home only to attract women (or men) they desire. A woman is probably why they needed the great clothe,car and home. I'm just saying. But not they are turning 50 and if they accomplished everything they wanted they are looking for something different.

The same applies if the man that is turning 50 hasn't accomplished what they wanted in life. Most likely it is because they sacrifice for children and family. Let them know you are on their team and have been listening and remember their desires in life. Turning 50 is the start of new beginnings.

What Men Really Want For Their 50th Birthday

  • Treated like the president
  • Served like King Tutt
  • Looked at like 2000 Richard Gere or Denzel Washington
  • Sexed like an NLF Player or Superstar
  • Less wrinkles
  • More Hair
  • More energy

To the spouses

Men want to get to the point without doing all of the work in the bedroom or out on a date. Why not let your man know how attractive and hot you feel for them by touching and standing close and making direct eye contact. Take control!

Treat him likes he's 20. Men want to feel as if they are the most fit sexy stud you have ever been with and that you can not even take your eyes or hands off of them. If you can give your man what he wants for his 50th birthday it may change his perspective of what is to come not to mention your home life.

When you make love to your man treat him as if you are thirsty and he is your life saving drink. Get what you want and take control (men like this). Men don't know what to say to get great sex and most of the time blow it by throwing their clothes on the floor before saying "let's get busy". Ignore this, rock his world. However, more men are more romantic by this age so make it special.

10 Cool 50th Gift Ideas For Him

  1. Turning 50 T-shirt
  2. Sneakers from his favorite year
  3. Favorite team jersey (signed)
  4. Favorite team cap (signed)
  5. Nike Lunarglide - Comfortable running sneakers.
  6. Gucci Loafers - Very comfortable casual shoes.
  7. favorite electronic upgraded
  8. recliner chair massage
  9. massage gift certificates
  10. Exotic getaway with golfing

You know the man that is turning 50 well. Ask yourself what does he like? What does he do in his spare time? This will help you make the right choices. Make his 50th birthday a special treat. He expects the jokes and funny cards. But what he really wants is those that love him to "Get Him" what he really likes and wants by what he silently or loudly tells you.

Upgrade his special chair. Get him a gym membership if he wants to get healthier. Get a signed copy of his favorite book or item. Turning 50 can be exciting for some but scary for others. A good book to get for men is Menopause


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 months ago

      Thank you for your input. The most important thing here is to see what our men want and use already. And a little humor and out of the norm gift makes for an interesting birthday!

      Below is a good example why we should ask and why there is "No" average man.

      jimthewiz said "I am NOT romantic nor do I want romance. I don't care for sports crap. All I really want is some dessert at a place that has many ideas for dessert.I get asked by my wife what I want to do or what do I want for my birthday, I feel like I "have to" come up with something to make her happy. Am I strange or what?"

      @jimthewiz: Good wives are hard to come by, do what you must to make her happy but gently tell her how you would like to spend your birthday.

    • profile image

      Loving wife 8 months ago

      Not good ideas for the average guy....sorry way off mark here.

    • profile image

      sailingmissie 14 months ago

      My husband's most requested is typically stuff for his truck be it accessories, tools, whatever for the garage (man cave) and I can't forget...brownies. He's not big on sweets but loves brownies.

    • profile image

      godiegirl 17 months ago

      I've found that a holiday of his dreams is the best idea, so plan ahead and save, save & save. At least you know by his birthday he will be completely happy.

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 3 years ago

      @jimthewiz go to I can see right now you need an idea person. Desert can only take you so far. 50 is the new 35!! Get excited about life. That website should function the same way in every state. Just put in everything you enjoy. In your case "desert" and you will see so many ways to enjoy it with wifey.

      Go to and get the free ebook to of 10 transformation secrets. Too much desert is unhealthy and I love it sooooo much! Enjoy!! I mean it J;)

    • profile image

      jimthewiz 3 years ago

      I'm 50 in a couple of days, and I am NOT romantic nor do I want romance. I don't care for sports crap. All I really want is some dessert at a place that has many ideas for dessert. I get asked by my wife hat I want to do or what do I want for my birthday, I feel like I "have to" come up with something to make her happy. Am I strange or what?

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      Relax and take a long jacuzzi soak Marc. You deserve it!

    • profile image

      Marc 4 years ago

      Not sure what kind of men you people know but I can tell you being a male who is 50 in a few weeks, I would not want any of the stuff listed above....How about a new sporting clays gun or tickets to a Pro football game w/dinner after, nice bottle of single malt scotch. Why all the mushy stuff...bubble baths?? Who the heck takes a bath anymore? I only do showers and so does my wife. Heck, at 50 I'm all set with a bubble bath!

    • profile image

      Philzdeb 5 years ago

      Very good advice!

    • profile image

      Ksmdwiseguy 5 years ago


    • profile image

      onelove 5 years ago

      I love those love tips! I am now full of ideas. Here is a relationship blog for more tips

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 5 years ago

      Thanks N. Sweet talking sure goes a long way but action will keep you happy:)

    • nityanandagaurang profile image

      nityanandagaurang 5 years ago

      actually you can easily make men happy.just sweet talk with him, a little beautiful talk and personal touch is very important to make men happy.very nice Elearn4Life.

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