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What Some Young Women Prefer on Valentine's Day

Updated on August 4, 2017

Women Surveyed

One hundred female university students between the ages of 18 - 28 were interviewed and they all had stars in their eyes when speaking about Valentine's Day.  They were asked what they would like to receive for their Valentine and the answers were varied.  The order was:

  • "Flowers - Roses, Orchids!"
  • "Chocolates!"
  • "Jewelry!"
  • "Romantic Dinner!"
  • "Stuff Toys!"
  • "A puppy!"

One or two said, "Cars!", but they were all hoping to be pleasantly surprised on that special day.  Valentine has the connotation of love being in the air.  The very air itself feels different.  It has a warm, cosy feeling that make lovers want to be with each other from sunrise to sunset.

Love and Appreciation

However, your special someone does not have to be a lover.  It can be just a friend or a relative - it is just someone who cares about you and want to show you their love and appreciation on that day.  Valentine Day is a day to honor love.  It was initially associated with gifts such as chocolates, roses and postcards but as time went by it included other stuff such as perfumes, jewelry etc. 

Some ladies just love candlelight dinners with their special someone as they want to cherish the moment.  Many young men have proposed marriage on Valentine's Day as it seems to the most appropriate time.

Whatever the day may mean to you, I would like you to just saturate yourself in the love and affection shown to you at this time of year.

For all lovers - just listen

A Poem For You

Here is a poem dedicated to all you wonderful and beautiful people on Valentine's Day.

Special Person

My mind wanders ever so often, especially when I am alone.
However it is not difficult to predict its ultimate goal,
Which is to rest upon the thought that brings happiness to my life,
A thought that eradicates all of my pains, hardships, and strife.
It is the thought of someone who is very special to me,
Of a person who has captivated my heart, however setting my feelings free.
You are that special person, and I just want you to know,
That you have caused ma
ny emotions within me to be reborn and others to grow.

© C.N.A.F


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