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What Thanksgiving Means to Me

Updated on November 25, 2015

The First Thanksgiving I Remember

The first Thanksgiving that is locked away in my memory is very blurry and staggered, but nonetheless, it is my first Thanksgiving memory. I can see myself sitting around our little brown table, I was no more than 4 or 5, and I remember looking back and forth between the people who were talking. It was the usual holiday crew, my aunt, uncle and cousins. I remember thinking that I would make it a game for myself, trying to keep my eyes on whoever was speaking; who knew it was actually the polite thing to do?

The last bit I remember about this Thanksgiving was the plastic floor puzzle. Each piece was a different color, I distinctly remember the red and yellow ones, and I fit them together in a path. My cousin and I would them walk along the path on our tippy toes, pretending to hold up our make-believe gowns, and make the noises that high heels would make against plastic flooring.

My Family

My family went through a little while of us not being able to be together on the holidays. It upset me and my cousin to the Earth's end. To me, it wasn't a holiday without my family, it was just a regular day with a little bit more food. When this rough patch finally broke, we decided that holidays didn't need to be super "done", meaning, why get dressed? We agreed from that point on that any holiday would be a designated pajama day. (AKA, the best idea ever)

Last Christmas was our last holiday with our grandfather. Easter rolled around, and we were unable to see each other. Being that it didn't feel like a holiday to me, it wasn't very painful to get through the day without my grandfather. This Thanksgiving, however, will be the first true holiday without my grandfather, but honestly, right now, none of me feels sad about that. I'm just excited to see my family, to sit around the table and talk, to play games and laugh, and that's what Thanksgiving means to me. Truthfully, that's what every holiday means to me.

While Thanksgiving is an excuse to cook typical traditional Thanksgiving food and pig out (save for the turkey because I am not a fan) to me, it's mostly about being around the ones I love. Some people aren't lucky enough to live close to their families, and some people are lucky enough that they live 5 minutes away. I fall somewhere in the middle. Although they aren't on the other side of the planet, my family also isn't right around the corner. Holidays are designated days to see them, and this year, I will be seeing them in my red flannel pajama pants, as soon as I get home from work, that is.

Some of What/Who I'm Thankful For

My parents
My parents will quite literally do anything to keep me safe and healthy. They did everything to make my home a safe, friendly and loving environment and I am forever grateful for everything they do for me.

My brother & his girlfriend
My brother might annoy me endlessly, but in the long run, we've got what we call "sibling trust" and I don't need to hear it everyday to know that it's always there. The two of you are so generous with me and I am grateful for you both.

My animals
My animals are my life. I love them more than anything.

My soulmate
I know no one wants to read my mushy-gushy gratefulness about my boyfriend, but too bad! My boyfriend is the love of my life, consistently has my back and is there for me and is forever and always the most amazing man who ever entered my life. I will never forget that. I love you.

My cousin
My cousin has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. She used to hit me all the time because she was a brat, but after one time of me hitting her back, it was smooth sailing. I can not imagine how long we've spent on the phone, into crazy hours of the night, playing games on the computer, video chatting, texting, or writing letters to each other. Through thick and thin, you'll always be my best friend. I know I don't say it a lot, but I love you so much and let's be real, we're pretty much sisters.

My family
I don't see you guys a lot, but that makes your company even more of a treat. I love you endlessly and I can not wait to see you.

My friends
You know who you are. I love you all and thank you for being who you are.

Of course, I'm thankful for everyone's health and happiness. I'm thankful for my own. I'm grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given, for all of the things I've been able to experience and for all the things I might be able to. I cherish every moment, because in this life, that's what I believe everyone should do. Cherish it. Live it. Love.


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