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What To Do In Lombok Indonesia?

Updated on December 11, 2016

While less known than neighboring Bali, Lombok Indonesia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Because this island is not as well known as Bali, it gets far less traffic each year, despite numerous attractions, cultural sites, and activities visitors can take part in.

For the traveler that likes to having a little breathing room and avoid the crowds, Lombok travel is the superior choice, and with a range of great things to do and places to see, you won’t be wondering what to do in Lombok for long. Here are just fifteen of the best things to do and see when you visit this island.

Hike The Rinjani Volcano.

You can’t visit Lombok and not visit the island’s volcano. While climbing to the top might not be everyone’s cup of tea—most groups take at least three days to climb to the top—but everyone should at least come and see the majesty of the ancient volcano and take a walk through the thick grass and foliage that now covers its base.

If you do climb to the top, however, expect to be wowed by the most amazing views of the island’s beauty and to be able to cool off, after a long day of hiking, in the crater lake, about three-quarters of the way up the volcano’s side.

Take A Day Trip To Gili.

While there’s plenty to do just on Lombok, it’s worth your time to take a boat out to the Gili Islands, even just to step foot on the beautiful white sand beaches and the luxurious huts that dot the coastline.

Around Gili is one of the best spots for the true Lombok diving experience, as the islands are surrounded by a lively reef. It’s also one of the best places for a beach party, if you are looking for some nightlife on the islands.

Visit The Villages.

One of the things that has made this island famous is the pottery made on the island. While it can be fun just to sit in the Lombok surf, taking a walk or a ride into one of the villages, where you can see pottery being made, the same way it was made generations ago, is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Many potters will even offer to let you try your hand at making your own pot, and you can find a unique and beautiful pot to take home.

Visit The Monkey Forrest.

Near the volcano, you’ll find Tetebatu. While it is one of the more inland villages, it is sheltered by the mountain, making it a respite from the heat and sun that dominates the rest of the island.

The area is agricultural, with beautiful rice fields stretching out on all sides and numerous hiking trails winding away from the village, through what’s known as the Tetebatu Monkey Forrest.

Besides offering a unique insight into the colonies of monkeys that call this forest their home, there are beautiful waterfalls that can be seen from the trial or experienced if you’re willing to leave the beaten path.

Play A Round Of Golf.

While most people don’t think of Indonesian islands when they think of great golfing spots, Lombok’s Golf Kosaido Country Club proves that even these remote islands can offer an excellent round of golf.

In the shadow of Mount Rinjano and poised alongside the beach, this course provides some of the most staggeringly beautiful views of the volcano and the ocean that surrounds the island.

Take Advantage Of The Lombok Diving Scene.

While Gili might be a great place to go snorkeling, the waters around Lombok are perfect for scuba diving and there are skilled instructors on the island that can not only teach you the basics of scuba, but also take you to some of the world’s most biodiverse waters.

The scuba schools on the island and multilingual, so no matter what language you learn best in, there’s a class for you.

Surf At Kuta Beach, Lombok.

The Lombok surf experience doesn’t get much better than Kuta Beach. Surfers come from all over the world to take advantage of the waves. One of the best parts about surfing at this beach is its ability to offer up waves that are perfect for every skill level.

Whether you’re just learning or are an old pro, different parts of the beach give you different waves so you can always find your stride. Kuta Lombok is definitely the island’s premier surf spot.

See The Waterfalls.

While this island has no shortage of beautiful waterfalls to visit, perhaps one of the most beautiful and popular is the Sendang Gile waterfall, hidden in the foothills around Rinjani Volcano. Crashing over 50 meters into the pools below, it is an impressive sight and provides a great place for a fresh water swim after a day of hiking.

See modern Lombok.

Mataram is Lombok’s bustling modern capital, with shopping and restaurants. After stopping by the city to get some traditional Lombok food, you can take a walk down the floating Hindu temple, called the Mayura Water Palace.

This ancient and beautiful structure appears to be floating on the water. Lombok food is usually flavorful and spicy, especially if you buy it from one of the street carts around Mataram.

Discover Some Of The Secluded Beaches.

While there is usually plenty of room on the island’s most popular beaches, if you want a beach all to yourself you can seek out one of the hidden coves along the south side of the island.

No Lombok travel excursion would be complete without finding one of these stunning locations. Not only are the waters cool and clear and the sand soft and welcoming, you’ll likely have the beach to yourself.

Experience Gentle Lombok Surf At Selong Belanak.

Because neighboring beaches have better surfing waves, Selong Belanak is often deserted on weekdays. If you’re traveling with children or just prefer a long and shallow beach, this is the one to visit. The bay is not as sheltered as some that Lombok features, but the sand and shallow waters are great for families with small children.

Visit A Traditional Market.

While you’re in the city, you have to at least walk through one of the traditional Asian markets. You won’t find fresher vegetables, eggs, fish, and spices. If you have a translator or know a little Indonesian, that always helps, but you can usually get by, even if you don’t speak a word of the language.

Tour By Scooter Or Motorcycle.

Traveling by scooter or motorcycle is definitely the best way to get around Lombok. You won’t be blinded to the vistas like you might be in the back of a taxi, and you’ll be able to get where you want to go quickly and easily.

Because the hidden beaches and villages are often down one-lane dirt roads, a scooter of motorcycle makes navigating much easier than trying to get a bulky car around the island.


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