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What To Get Your Boyfriend for Valentine's Day (Sorted by Age)

Updated on February 17, 2020

Choosing a Valentines day gift for a guy can be really hard. Some men have it all, while others give little or no suggestions on what they want. Beyond that, many men can simply buy what they want. Here are several insights on what to get boyfriends for valentines depending on their specific age. While these may work, the best idea is always to tailor your gift to his specific desires if possible. Showing that you are paying attention to him, and what he desires, is truly romantic.

Photo taken by: nicole danielson
Photo taken by: nicole danielson | Source

What to get your 6-12 year old boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Between 6 and 12 years, a boy may be self conscious about his appearance. He may believe that society notices any slight appearance shift. For this reason, a good gift to get your 6 - 12 year old boyfriend is something that helps define his place in society. This includes cool shirt, a watch, or sunglasses. Getting him heart shaped cookies is also very excellent way to make him feel very special. The cookies do not need to be gourmet as it is the thought that counts here. The trick with this age is to try to understand how he wants the world to see him, and help him with that vision. Be warned, what is trendy today may not be trendy tomorrow.

Photo taken by: JustyCinMD
Photo taken by: JustyCinMD | Source

What to get your 13-16 year old boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Between 13 and 16, a boy is slowly growing into adulthood. Entering into adulthood can mean shifting of hobbies and likes. At this age, it may be best to stick with tried and true gifts. Cards and chocolates will work well. Another idea, that breaks away from tried and true gifts, is to find the exact band he’s into at the moment. Understanding his favorites right before Valentines day will allow you to buy the perfect music mix, movie, or book. Just make sure not too wait too long. There are a lot of changes at this age, and what hobby is enjoyed today may not be enjoyed tomorrow.

Photo taken by: Roman Soto
Photo taken by: Roman Soto | Source

What to get your 17-20 year old boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Between 17 and 20, high school and college are constant thoughts for a young man. Often college means moving away, if even to another block in the same town. A great gift to get at this age is personalized picture frames and music CDs. If he has a favorite movie, getting him a signed framed poster will be very special. College dorm rooms are filled with posters and your gift will be the crown jewel in his new dorm.

Photo taken by: Jeff Turner
Photo taken by: Jeff Turner | Source

What to get your 21-30 year old boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Between 21 and 30, college is getting completed and first jobs are starting to occur. Marriage is also a very common theme here. Some of the best Valentines gifts are well crafted homemade ideas. For example, a luxury wooden box full of love notes or “open when” notes. The idea at this stage is to give him something that will last for many, many years. Customizing, writing, and recording a song is also an idea that can be achieved. Creating a custom video with high quality production values is also an idea. The idea in this stage of life is to build things that will last.

Photo taken by: James Emery
Photo taken by: James Emery | Source

What to get your 31+ year old boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Above 30, many men have become settled into families and the rhythms of life. Gifts no longer have to be directly about him. For example, a gift for the “family” will mean just as much as if the gift were just for him. Preparing something romantic out of the normal rhythm of life will also work well. Several suggestions to do this include a candlelit dinner or a “starter kit” on a hobby he’s always wanted to try. A photo frame with all the times you’ve spent together is another way to show that your cherish the relationship.

Whatever the age of the boyfriend, the trick is to know him. If possible, make note of things he says he wants through the year. Not only will these seem thoughtful when Valentines arrives, but you can then use these for other holidays (such as birthday or Christmas).


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