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What Women Want For Christmas This Year

Updated on February 15, 2017

Great Gifts For Women Tips

What do women want? Many guys would say that if they knew the key to that they would package it up, sell it and become millionaires. Well, it may seem complicated but it's really not. The woman in your life wants something that makes her feel good, she wants something current and enjoyable.

Try and earwig into an office conversation during a tea break, listen to what women are talking about. You will often hear ladies talking and asking each other if they have seen the latest perfume out or book to hit the shelves.

If your wife owns a book, a bottle of perfume or a gift item that she absolutely loves Amazon can be your friend. Search for the item that she already owns in Amazon and scroll down the page a little and you will see a section which reads: "Customers Who Brought This Item Also Brought" take note of this and read the reviews of the actual customers, it can help immensely when trying to purchase your wife a surprise gift.

Sexual Fantasy Novel

Fifty Shades of Grey has become a worldwide best seller. This is a great gift for the woman who loves to read, and the man in her life may well reap the benefits. Not only will this book satisfy her creative curiosity, sequels to the original may well fulfill future gift giving needs and opportunities.

This one is truly a no-brainer unless she has already managed to get her hands on a copy in which case have a look out for the sequels or again, have a look at Amazon and see what other customers also brought after purchasing this book.

Even if your wife has a Kindle I bet she still likes picking up a real book now and again, a book can be a great stocking filler and if you get it wrong you haven't broken the bank.

Screen Capture From Amazon

Scrolling down a page on Amazon will show you other items or titles that people liked.
Scrolling down a page on Amazon will show you other items or titles that people liked.

Magazine Subscription

Cosmopolitan - Helen Gurley Brown created this one of a kind, class in itself magazine that slightly pushes the envelope in regards to sex and relationships as well as beauty and health. Modern women worldwide adore the racy cover shot and innovative feature articles.

Your lady will enjoy receiving effortlessly, month after month, completely uninterrupted. This magazine is both a compliment to her womanliness and helps her to remember yours truly when it arrives at her doorstep. On top of that, the monthly subscription rates are priced at an absolutely great bargain when paying for them in advance.

Next time you are in a waiting room, have a sneaky look at what magazines interest your wife, see which ones she flicks through quickly and which ones grab her attention.

A Great Perfume

Perfume will usually rock a woman's world because it again makes her feel like herself, only better.

If I had to pick one off the top of my head I would suggest Vera Wang by Vera Wang. It is designed to make her smell both attractive and elusive, which adds confidence and posture to any woman in the work or fashion world.

The cost of the perfume will be compounded to her back in pleasure and appreciation. A classic gift choice that is bound to please.

If the woman in your life has a favourite perfume you could take the safe option and buy her one of what she is used to. An alternative option would be to use the Amazon what others purchased feature and carefully read a view reviews. Women tend to like the similar smells when it comes to perfume, if they feel one is too fruity then any described as being that are best avoided.

Adult Colouring Books

These are really gaining in popularity, they are a great way to unwind and they are also something mums can do with their kids. There are vasts ranges of adult colouring books now available, they are called adult because of the great detail and complexity. If you do treat your wife to an adult colouring book why not buy her a set of crayons or coloured gel pens to go with it.

Adult Colouring Book Examples

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Hair Straigteners

Most women prefer the sleek looks of today's ultra modern, shining hairstyles, and a hair set of straighteners is the ideal solution. There are hundreds of types and brands to fit all kinds of budget and my advice would be read a few reviews on amazon before taking the plunge, that is unless you can afford to buy her the Rolls Royce of hair straighteners, GHD..

With a set of hair straighteners your woman will now have a new option in hair styling, a much appreciated health and beauty product that she most likely would not purchase for herself. Great gift idea and for a great price to boot. Even if your lady already owns a set of hair straighteners watch her trade them in like a shot for a set of GHD's.

More Gift Ideas For Women

Gadgets for Her

Women like gadgets to you know, maybe not the kind that will spring into some men's heads when you put gadget and female into the same sentence. A Kindle Book Reader or Kindle Fire HD are great gifts for the woman who loves to read.

The screen has been developed for reading e-books, minimizing glare and keep eyes feeling fresh. Several thousand e-books can be stored in each gadget. The Kindle Fire or Fire / HD series is a step up from the pack if she wants to download movies or surf on the net.

If you really love her and you really want to show off then why not get her the latest iPad, one of those are on my wanted shopping list this year. What about a new phone, a new kindle, or a watch that tracks your health?

The only gadgets I would advise against buying are those that iron shirts, those that suck up dirt and those that help prepare food. You might mean well buying your wife a new iron, vacuum cleaner or kettle but I assure you it won't go down too well when it comes to opening them


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    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      Great list, I'd be happy with most of them!

    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Great choices! I would take any of these!