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All About LED Christmas Lights and Why They Are So Good

Updated on January 4, 2015

What are LED Christmas Fairy lights?

Only a few years ago, you only really had one choice of fairy lights - the traditional 'bulb' type. Depending on where you shopped, you might have had a choice of colours, some fancy ones might have even flashed, but they would still have been traditional bulb fairy lights.

LED Christmas fairy lights, use newer, light emitting diode technology. They have some crucial benefits over the older bulbs.

LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Lights
LED Christmas Lights | Source

What are the advantages of LED Christmas lights over traditional fairy lights?

LED Xmas lights have many advantages over traditional Christmas tree and decorative lights.

  • They give a significantly brighter light than traditional bulbs, and some might say have a nicer, more wintery look. This is useful as you can actually buy a smaller string for the same lighting effect you previously appreciated,
  • They are much more energy efficient than standard Christmas fairy lights, saving you up to 90% on your electricity bills
  • They last much longer than traditional Christmas bulb lights, and are much more robust. If you buy LED Christmas tree lights, you will no longer need to replace them nearly every year as they fail to work when you get them out of the Christmas decorations box! This is particularly good as you won't have to work out exactly which bulb isn't working as previously.
  • They don't give off any heat. This is what helps them be more energy efficient, as they don't waste energy by heating the bulbs. It does make them more child friendly therefore too. In addition they are very much safer than their previous counterparts. Pretty much the only fire risk remaining now is related to the plug and not the bulbs themselves. It's unlikely that plastic christmas tree will catch fire now.
  • As they are more energy efficient, they are more environmentally friendly, allowing you to tread a smaller carbon footprint in the snow this Christmas!

Where can I buy LED Christmas lights?

You can buy LED Christmas lights anywhere now and in most cases they have completely taken over the market as to what is available. You can get these in-store as well as a plethora of online stockistsfrom many online stockists, and they are remarkably inexpensive considering the level of technology inside. They are a bigger layout than the previous stringed lights but you should see the environmental impact after just one year. As they will last for many years they are a cheap and worthwhile investment.

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