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What does Sun and Heat make you think of?

Updated on February 22, 2018

What does the Sun and Heat make you think of?

When the sun and heat finally arrive in the summer months what does that make you think of? Is it, "wow I hope it’s hot and sunny all summer long", or do you dread it? Can summer be limitless? When it is a really nice hot day what do you do? Do you go outside and tan and get the vitamin D that I have been missing and am craving? Or are you thinking oh no I don’t like the sun and don’t go outside at all? Some people are like that. If you are a person who likes the sun do you wish it could be limitless?

As I am laying outside on a towel in my backyard right now, I am thinking of how the grass feels when my bare feet touch it, in some places it is soft and in other places it is hard as if the grass hasn’t seen rain in a long time even though I know that it has. I am thinking of a white sandy beach or just a beach in general. I haven’t actually been to a beach since I road on a tandem bike but it wasn’t too warm then. But as I sit outside in the heat that is one of the things that I am thinking of. The sun and heat, makes me think of tanning in a swimsuit or just sitting outside reading a book without a care in the world.

When you think of sun and heat, what do you think of? I think of relaxing by a pool or even in a pool but what do you think of? I haven’t had a pool in years, and the pools that I did have you could only stand in not actually swim. I think of swimming and tanning and relaxing with friends and family, laughing, that is what I think of when I see the sun and feel the heat on my skin. What do the sun and heat make you think of? Everyone is different but who doesn’t like wearing a swimsuit and no shoes, I am sure that everyone hates shoes. I know that I do, I love the feeling of bare feet, on the grass or even a sidewalk although not for long periods of time on a sidewalk I still like the heat on my feet though.

The sun makes me think of something calming like a waterfall or stream. Even just warmth is calming don’t you think. That is another reason why I like the sun because of the heat that it gives off. I like the heat because I hate being cold and I don’t like wearing layers, because who likes to wear layers? You are all probably thinking do you really need to ask that question? Most people would rather be in the fewer clothes the better right? I know I would. The sun and the heat make me think of happiness, because of all the bright colors that come out during the summer months. This is what the heat and summer make me think of but what does it make you think of? Everyone has different opinions on everything so you might or might not agree with me what do you think?

Me Sun Tanning so relaxing
Me Sun Tanning so relaxing


The sun and heat also make me think of freedom not having a care in the world. Just clearing your mind doing limitless things that you have always wanted to do but have never gotten around to it, like going hiking with friends or going to the beach for an entire day. Those types of things not that I have done any of these things this is just what the sun and heat make me think of.

The sun and heat might make people think of the limitless fun that they can have with friends and family at barbecues or pool parties. Or just outdoor parties if you don't have a pool. That is what the sun and heat make me think of, that and boating for hours on end on weekends, not having a care in the world. Does it make you think of limitless time spent in the water?

I know that when I think of sun and heat I think of a number of different things. There is always one thing that sticks out in my mind though relaxing in the heat and not thinking about anything. That is kind of a cliche though according to the title, what does sun and heat make you think of? Being out in the sun and heat is so that you can relax and not think of anything and that is what being out in it makes you think of. Don't you agree?

The sun and heat can bring limitless things to mind about work, vacations you might want to take in the summer things like that. But these are just my thoughts, everyone has other thoughts when they think of the sun and the heat. I think of getting a tan and napping in the sun or reading a good book outside listening to the birds, chirp. It makes me think of freedom and happiness. That is the easiest way I know how to describe it. There are limitless things that the sun and heat make me think of and it is to many to list so I will spare you. Just know that the list is limitlessly long.

Have you ever thought of what the sun and heat actually make you think of? Or do you not even care you just enjoy it because of its there? Have you ever thought of what sun and heat m make you think of? Do you think that sun and heat can make you think of things or what? Some people might say that even though the sun and heat are for the most part limitless in the summer they can't make us think of things. I say differently though because of the sun and heat, in my opinion, help people clear their heads and with that other thoughts pop into their heads and they go after what they are thinking of in a limitless way.

My Dog and I relaxing in the sun while I try and write
My Dog and I relaxing in the sun while I try and write

The Sun and Heat are relaxing

The sun and heat can be limitless in the summer, but we still should soak it up as much as we can, because it doesn't last, forever. The Sun and Heat are relaxing though which is why we like to relax in the summer more so than any other time of year, because of the heat of the sun is very relaxing since it is just there unmoving which makes us want to sit in it unmoving.

Do you like the sun and heat? Let's Discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 8 months ago from Ontario

      Abiye I agree I love the sun and heat the cold not so much it is so much nicer to wear lighter clothes rather then layers in my opinion and it is way more relaxing. Thanks for your comment

    • silkywayavenue profile image

      Abiye Warmate 8 months ago from Italy

      I like the sun and the heat as I can't stand the cold. And true, as compared to cold times, there is more freedom. You wear lighter clothes and feel more relaxed and less worried. it's really great.

    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 13 months ago from Ontario

      Thank you for the comments, the sun and heat always put a smile on my face which makes every day better. :)

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 2 years ago

      The sun and heat reminds us of brightness of life. ....very true louise. ..Thank you very much for a bright share.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 2 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      Interesting and useful. I like sun and heat, even though I may not bear too much heat. I stand before sun for 2 minutes daily morning praying to him. Thereby, I have the advantage of getting Vitamin D also.