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What if your seasonal decorations could tell you how they feel?

Updated on February 23, 2016

Bittersweet Christmas Lament

Stuffed in a box, stacked on a shelf,
Left out in the cold and the rain by myself.
I don't get wet and I don't mind the cold,
But the years are starting to take their toll.

Though the naked sun I never do see,
That Orion's dog still affects my beauty.
I'm green all year, yet still don't grow,
But I'm only let out when it's time for snow.

So, once a year I get your attention,
Though not with any true affection.
I am all dressed up with nowhere to go,
Is all your handiwork just for show?

Yes, you have treasured me for many years,
But you really only treasured those things from your peers.
Regardless, the day finally comes that I get to share,
With your family, your friends and the joy everywhere.

But, soon I'll go back to my dreary existence...
Waiting another whole year, to guard your presents.
I don't mind, get bored or ever feel scared,
I'm comforted to think of the Christmas' we've shared.

Yet talk of replacement tends to make one pause,
But what else am I for, like a dancing "Santa Clause"?
January comes, a truck dumps me in the snow,
In a heap amid tossed wrappers, boxes and bows.

I remember this morning, I saw the look on your face,
The message was clear... I had just been replaced.
A bigger, stronger box took my spot,
On the shelf in the shed, where I had slept a lot.

A newer, greener, brighter tree with LEDs,
A rotating base and a foot taller, oh please!
Cheap tricks and more branches can't compare,
What of all of the memories and Christmas' we shared?

In the end, this time of year is mostly excess,
Trying to outdo the next home's success.
I'm a mere decoration, for your annual enjoyment,
To "live and die" by the sale in the seasonal department.



Some repurposing options

There are many choices if your handy with a hot glue gun and/or jeweler's/bonsai wire.
The classic choices are wreaths, window swags or window box treatments. I personally like candle base decorations, and fake bonsai to give as gifts.

Pinterest has lots of ideas, as well as lots of pictures. A simple search on either artificial tree upcycle, or recycled artificial christmas trees, will return some excellent ideas.

Do the time warp!

A true Whovian style tree for the adventurous!
A true Whovian style tree for the adventurous! | Source

The inverted tree - DIY...

DIY inversion, with the help of a ceiling fan.
DIY inversion, with the help of a ceiling fan. | Source


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 12 months ago from the short journey

      The personification in your poem is quite clever, and I actually kind of like the inverted tree as it makes a grand chandelier, but not so much the Whovian style. Since we are considering replacing our aging old-faithful with one that has built in LEDs I appreciate the idea of repurposing it into a wreath.