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What is Valentines Day to you

Updated on February 9, 2012

The feeling of love as this month brings out the one holiday that can make someone really happy. Valentine's Day, a day for love for a couple and for those currently in a relationship. This day is special to them because they can shower their love with many gifts and just with them on this special day.

But what of those that do not have anyone, that they are just home by themselves wondering where their love is. I know someone who says that this day is one of the worst days of his life because he has no sweetheart, so he just spends it at home watching depressing movies. I, myself, don't really have sweetheart for this day but I don't plan on watching depressing movies on a day like this. I take this day to acknowledge all of my friends and my family because this is a day of love. It doesn't have to exactly be the love of your life or your significant other, to me and I am sure to others it means the love that you get from all of those who you are friends with and your family.

In Mexico, they call this day Dia de Amor y Amistad, Day of Love and Friendship. Thinking about it now, it is really a day to realize we are all loved and even if we don't all get heart balloons, a teddy bear that says I Love You, XOXO, or even a dozen of roses, love is shown to all of us. When a friend gives you a hug on this day and tells you Happy Valentine's Day and gives you a card, that can really make a person feel really special, I know it does to me. Who doesn't enjoy just getting a card from a good friend knowing that they are thinking of you on this day or now in days a text.

This can be a happy day, sad day, or even a depressing day depending on each person. As for my friend, I tell him think of the ones who love him. As for me, well, I have many friends out there who love me and a family who really loves me, so I have nothing to be sad about on this day. I may not have that someone special in my life to celebrate this day with yet, but what are friends and family for. Who knows, maybe buying myself chocolates will make me feel special on this day.


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