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What is an Edible Image?

Updated on November 16, 2009

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 What is an Edible Image?

Edible images are an amazing invention that is 100% edible, Kosher and FDA approved. Photos, drawings, business cards, logos or images are copied to create an edible image that is as vibrant and clear as the original.  It does not have a strange taste or texture; you will not even taste it.  Edible images are made from actual frosting pressed ultra thin onto a backing sheet.  Special edible inks are used to print the image onto the frosting sheet.  

These frosting sheets have zero calories for an even greater appeal. When you place edible imaged sheets on butter cream or whip cream frosting it will blend in with the frosting becoming part of the cakes frosting. Handling of the sheets is easy, making it perfect for the beginner.  If you touch it once it has been on the cake for more than 5 minutes it will leave a finger print just as the frosting does.  When you place edible images on chocolates or fondant it will adhere but will not blend as it does with frosting.  You will not taste the image, only the chocolate.  White chocolate is best to use as milk chocolate can darken some images.

You can use edible imaged sheets to create amazing picture perfect treats such as cakes, cookies, brownies, and chocolates; anything you can frost for coat in chocolate.   The great thing about these imaged sheets is the joy it brings making that special occasion extra-special. You can easily purchase photo cookies, chocolate and imaged sheets at   Perfect for Holiday gift giving!


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