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What kind of Christmas Card do you send?

Updated on December 15, 2012

You know times have changed when you see that you receive more e-cards then Christmas cards through the mail. Maybe sending Christmas greeting cards through email is faster then going through the postal service, I think that this just depends on what the person may find easier to do.

For example, at the place where I work, every Christmas they used to send cards through the courier when they would send the books to our branch now it seems easier to just send one e-card to the whole department through the email. Some of the other libraries still send the cards but there are a few that send an Christmas card through email, this way everyone gets to see it. Last year, I worked on a e-card and sent it to everyone because it was easy and I was able to use the creativity that I had. This year our manager wanted to use regular Christmas cards, as I was preparing the cards so everyone could sign, I realized how much has changed with all these years.

In the years before people used to start using email, remember going to the postal office to buy a booklet of stamps because you had to send out Christmas cards to everyone in your family. If you had a big family, imagine all the cards that you had to send through the mail. But that was a way to really get in touch with family, it was a more personal way to say, "We are thinking about you this holiday". There is nothing like a personal touch when it comes to sending out Christmas cards.

Now that we have computers, it is easy to look up free Christmas cards and all you have to do is write a message and sign it and add all the emails that you have for each family member that you may have. They even have the e-cards that move and sing and that is really handy and at the same time cute depending on the card. Now e-cards are really handy when it comes to having to send a card to someone that may not have a physical address, but they may however have en email address.

Both ways of sending Christmas cards is good but one way may be more personal than the other. Sometimes we use both ways when it comes to sending out holiday greetings because some of the family members may have an address or may not have a physical address. No matter how you decided to send out Christmas cards this year, all that matters is that we are thinking of our family and friends this holiday season. What have you found yourself sending more, the Christmas cards that you buy from the stores or the e-cards?


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