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What to buy your Wife for Christmas

Updated on November 24, 2011

Tips for Buying Your Wife a Present

The time to start thinking of what to get your wife for Christmas is in the middle of the summer if you ask me. Speaking from personal experience I normally try to find my wife her Christmas gift in the summer. You would not believe the amount of stress that it takes away from you. If you already had a few nice gifts packed away somewhere for her.

Then when the season rolls around you can watch everyone else get stressed out because they were unprepared. Ok so you didn't get a gift in the summer and its a few days away. That is pretty typical, but I like to find gifts that are different. Certainly your wife has been dropping hints all year that she wanted some new appliance or something. But you didn't pay attention. If you did you are farther ahead than most. But I am guessing that maybe if you are reading this article that you do not have any idea as to what to get her and you might not even have a clue of what she might like.

For many women its the price of the object, if that is your wife well sorry dude. Many of the women that I have heard talking and after 25 years of working with nurses I have heard plenty of women talking. Many of them seem to want something that actually took some effort for you to find or buy. So if it looks like you put some thought into the gift you are usually home free. If you get my drift. My wife fortunately does not have expensive tastes. If I buy her jewelry she almost always likes it and wears it.

It doesn't matter how much I paid for it. I always have a story as to why I picked the certain item that I did. I like to find unique gifts in the kind of hippie shops. You know the ones they sell healing crystals and unusual things that you just do not see everywhere. Many of the items are hand made in the community and are quite nice. You will seldom find other women that are actually wearing jewelry that resemble the one that you purchased. Because many times they are one of a kind. Now it doesn't have to be jewelry from the hippie place. You will find all sorts of unique gifts there that are sure to open a few eyes.

Especially if you have been messing up the past few seasons, if you know what I mean. Ask the people in the shop to help you pick out a gift if you cant decide. But most of the time I have found something that my wife treasures to this day. I am confident you will also. You can find one of those hippie shops in almost any town. They are not hard to find and most times that are easy on your wallet.

Nintendo Wii

I bought my wife a Nintendo Wii last Christmas. She is very conservative and would probably never have wanted one until she tried a Nintendo Wii at her friends house. My wife and daughter use it a few times a week. They both enjoy it and use it as an exercise tool!

So if you are thinking of getting her a gift that the whole family can enjoy maybe a Nintendo Wii will fit the ticket. It has brought our family together more. We spend more time together her and we are getting to know each other better.


Apple iPods

I actually found a used one and gave it to her for her birthday. She thought that she would never use it and it was stupid. HA !!!  I took the time to load some of her favorite songs on it and a few videos of some of the classics she hadn't heard in years!  Oh yes !!!  So even though they are super trendy and all that .

Apple Ipods are a great tool for learning. They are not very expensive either ;-)

Vacation Package

My wife is always to busy to take a vacation. When we were married 25 years ago she would say when we get older we will travel. When she started to realize how much work it can be making the reservations etc. She sort of changed her mind. A few years back I started looking for little trips that we could go on. you now like 3 day weekends. She says that those little trips are some of the best memories of her life. So giving her a little vacation can really spice up her life which in turn spices up yours if you get the drift!

Digital Camera

Its been a while since I bought my wife a camera. She isn't very technical so I took on the task myself several times. The first one I bought her we traveled with it all over the world. It was a Cannon. She really liked it and I know that every time she downloaded pictures and looked at them no matter where we were in the world she though of me and how much pleasure that that darn camera gave her.

Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Bracelets are an item that most women love. I know that the one I bought my wife in the 90s is still a conversation piece and is only worn at special occasions. So if you are thinking of hitting a home run for Christmas try getting her a diamond.

Precious metals are always a good investment ! Especially these days.

A Spa Treatment

You know that your wife deserves to be pampered as much or more than you do over the holidays. Give her a gift certificate from her favorite Spa and you will also reap the benefits of her experience.

A Second Honey Moon

Many of us haven't even experienced our first honeymoon. The idea sounds great to me. I am booking a 2 night stay on Maui ;-) So I can surf while my wife is resting ;-)


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  • profile image

    Impulse Vibrators 

    7 years ago

    If you're budget doesn't make it for a Benz or a diamond, you can always find some special "toys" thatll make her happy ;-)

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    "That's cool breeze don't forgot, Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"

    "Great hub thoughtful just in time for XMAS!"

    "Two thumbs up!"

    CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association


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