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What to Buy Your Wife for Her Birthday

Updated on December 24, 2010

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Ok lets get serious here. Buying gifts can make or break some of us guys. In many relationships this gift giving activity associated with all the social holidays and your wife's birthday can be stressful because you are expected to buy your wife a present and it really should be special to her? Your wife's birthday is a serious thing. Screw this up and you could be messing up your whole life.

So lets get to the nitty grity.

What are your goals in buying your wife a birthday gift?

I am serious about this !

If you get this right you could have smooth sailing in your relationship as far as gift giving goes that is. Do you think there is any value in that? You cant put a $$ sign on that one!

Ok lets get busy I dont have all day.

Identify the purpose of the gift!

This is huge guys!

This will help you a great deal. Give a real reason as to why you are wanting to give your wife a gift. Just because its your wife's birthday and she and everyone else expects you to give your wife a gift is not really an Ok answer. Certainly is not the answer that you would want your wife to here.

I know this one throws some people, It Oks though. I will explain what I mean Identify the purpose of the gift.If the gift is for your wifes birthday or what ever occation the gift must always say something! It really means you must to convey some sort of message by giving your wife the gift.

Do you really want her to know how you feel about her? Are you crazy about this women but you just do not know how to even begin to tell her or show her how you feel. Ok so you are like many of us.

If this is the case then flowers and candy on your wife's birthday is a good start. But this should never ever be the only thing you give to the love of your life on her birthday.

Flowers and candy are an always and are like icing on the cake. Dont even ever just give her flowers and candy like many of the rest of your friends. (Hint) If you use this simple tip you will see your love life improving with your wife. Its an easy one guys I use it!

One of my trade secrets for giving my wife gifts is to have a story that accompanies the gift finding process. My wife still wears the neckless almost everyday that I bought her for her birthday 15 years ago. Its not fancy nor was it expensive.

Every-time she talks about it she tells the story of how I found this little heart shaped rock and had it made into a pendant for her. Almost everyone she tells the story to thinks its so romantic. Its special because its unique and the story behind it shows that I care about my wife. Because I went the extra mile to try to get her something that I thought she would treasure for the rest of her life.

When she looks at this gift all she can think about is that I had it created for her and its special.
Now you might think that I spent a fortune I didn't. It costs about $20.00 to have the rock wrapped so she could wear it.How did I know what rock to make into a neckless? I try to pay attention. I heard my wife say one day that she thought pink quartz was pretty. To me that is a total gimme, if you know what I mean!

Obviously this upped my score card. If you think your wife isn't keeping score think again!

I am not telling you to go find a rock and make it into a neckless and give it to your wife for her birthday.

This is just an example of how I attack the gift giving challenge. Maybe my little idea will spark a few ideas in your head that will up your score ;-)

Still stumped?

Ok I find a unique store in my area that has unique jewelry and gifts. I would always see them when I used to drive to work. I would stop in and get my wife's birthday present valentines gift and christmas present all in one fail swoop. I make sure its a store that she never goes into. This will almost always make sure that she has never seen the item before and will know that I put out alot of effort to find it.

I am serious about this also! I have been married for over 25 years so I have a few years experience buying gifts.

You might not have story that goes along with each gift but if you sort of think about getting her the 3 major important gifts at once you will be surprised how much stress that will take away from you. I do not enjoy shopping so I like to do my research and then get her something nice for my wife's birthday, Christmas and Valentines Day all at once.

This world is way to stressful to be shopping for gifts every few months.

Get it all done at once. Give yourself a break!

I do not just run down to any store and just grab something. I find unique places to buy things where I live or online.

You can adapt this method online also of course. Now a days I buy most of my wife's gifts online and yes I still have the stories like I read this cool hub that gave me a great idea about buying a gift for the person that I care about most in my life my wife.


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  • Dr. Amilia profile image

    Dr. Amilia 7 years ago

    Aww very well written.