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What to Buy your Wife for Valentines Day

Updated on January 27, 2012

Gifts for Her

Maybe you have been married for a long time or you are just starting out. If you really care for the person you are with it doesn't matter if its Valentines Day or not. You will want your wife to know how you feel about her somewhere somehow and believe me Valentines Day is a good time for that. Use the holiday to your advantage by actually putting some thought into her gift this year.

Yes I know many of us are not so fast to show our wife's how much we appreciate them. As I was saying Valentines Day is a great time to express your love. Buy her something unique. I have done the math and the research for you!

Ok lets get serious about this. Your wife's birthday is coming up sometime this year right? As you are buying her valentines gift today online or just getting ideas. Why not get the birthday taken care of also.

Yes less stress. My wife's birthday is in June, when I get her Valentines gift I get her birthday gift also. The stressful part of choosing a gift for me is finding an appropriate gift that expresses my feelings. I know this may sound sort of cheesy. But your goal should be to give from the heart.

Ladys Like Flowers

Most people like flowers, they make a wonderful gift. Flowers should not be the only gift. They should be in addition to something that shows how you feel.

Get some nice ones.

Dont mess this up

Most women like flowers. Yes roses on Valentines Day are good. But also think about her birthday.

Set yourself up for success if you get my drift

You can order them from Amazon check it out!

Chocolate Works

My wife loves chocolate. I can live with out it but that doesnt mean I dont know good chocolate when I tastes it. I did my homework several years ago and found out that my wife hadent ever had a truffel. I have and I know where to get good ones! She now loves the Lindt ones.

They make a great office gift also. Most people really enjoy them.

Set yourself up for success.  You know I worked in the operating room for 25 years.

Now what could that possibility have to do with Valentines day right? Where I worked we had a staff of over 300 employees and 95% were women. Do you think I got to here what women really think? Oh yes!

Do you think I wasn't taking notes?   Oh yes I was!

Getting Valentines Day right for your wife can smooth over alot of crap and the lingering affect can last for months. I know that many of you guys know what I am talking about.

So take Valentines Day seriously and you will enhance your relationship.

Jewelry says I love you!

Another old stand by. You dont have to go far these days to find something truly unique. Check out Ebay. I have found 100s of unique gifts. Again I say take Valentines Day seriously.

Leverage your shopping by also getting her something for her birthday at the same time and put it away. Even if your wife's birthday is in June buy her birthday present at the same time and dont say anything. I don't want all of my tactics to get out ;-)

A Weekend Getaway

I look for special places that I know my wife would like to go. If I have already made the reservations and paid for the hotel the likelihood of her not going is slim. I believe that just getting a way for a few days can make a lot of difference in your life. We all need a break from our present lives even if we are in love with our jobs. So take some time do the research and take her for a nice overnighter if at all possible. Make all the arrangements for her. MAybe she even needs a weekend away from you? You make the call!


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