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What to Expect this Sinulog 2013

Updated on January 17, 2013

Getting ready to have fun? Just first month of the year 2013 and festivals on every provinces in the Philippines are getting hotter! To make your vacation more hotter why not celebrate with us "Feista del Señior Santo Niño" commonly know as "Sinulog Festival". This year will be more exciting and the whole Cebuanos are preparing for the big event.

Sr. Santo Niño
Sr. Santo Niño | Source

Let me just tell you how this started, before upon the arrival of the Spaniards in the Philippine territory a Portuguese explorer named Ferdinand Magellan give a gift to the locals queen "Lady Humamay". This gift supposedly mean as the symbol of the alliance with them, and this gift is the "Santo Niño". The Santo Niño statue is the crafted idea of Baby Jesus which many Filipino Catholics believed that it shows miraculous things like abundant harvest and many more that give benefits to the natives. So the natives offer a festival and promise to do this every year. Thus this considered as the start of the "Sinulog Festival".

Now we have the short history, so what can we expect this Sinulog 2013?

This can be notice right away the colorful "banderitas" around that gives more fiesta atmosphere. People prepare this ahead of time, know what it has been set-up first day of the month of December.

Banderitas | Source

The participants on Sinulog Dance "One Beat, One Dance, One Vision" with their beautiful costumes and props, they will dance with the theme praising and giving thanks to the statue of Santo Niño. The parade go around the city until they end up to the Main Complex to execute their final dance. This goes with different categories and the best Sinulog Performance will take home 1 Million Pesos grand prize.


Also during the parade their were couples of Philippines local artists who will participate riding on a Festival Floats. Well thanks showbiz guys for waving your hands LOL!


After parade everyone is excited to see the Fireworks Display that more or less this will take 5-15 minutes, this has been the sequence of the Sinulog Festival.

If you think this will end up like this, how about the after party life? Yes the party is not over yet there are still parties going on and the best thing is that, this will not stop until you are not exhausted.

Party People
Party People | Source

Looking forward to it? then take enough rest the day before, for you to have the full energy to party with us.



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