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What to Get your Boyfriend for Valentines Day

Updated on March 16, 2011

You Know What to get Him!

Oh I am not tring to be cute but most of you ladies know what your guy would probably want if he had to choose.

I am not trying to be crude just strait up.

What do most guys want?

Do you think your boyfriend wants flowers and candy? Ah? Ok that's sort of unusual but hey !

Some of my girlfriends would even try to ask me what I wanted for Valentines Day. Then they would say besides that !

What? Ok you mean you want me to choose from a nice shirt and a card over?????? I know I know I am a guy and even though I am almost a senior citizen I still think like a guy. Luck for you because I am un front and honest. I like to tell it like I see it.

Look guys mostly only want one same thing. I am not saying that all guys are shallow and superficial. But many are immature and well babies. If your guy is wanting a car part or a new program for his xbox and he is not wanting the conventional thing that most every guy thinks he wants on Valentines Day you may want to check yourself. If you get my drift. Because this sort of behavior would not be like most guys I have known all my life. Yes they like nice gifts from their girl friends.

So I believe that you are getting the drift. Sure you can still buy him something nice. But try to get something that will enhance your relationship. You want your boy friend to say to his friends. I cant even tell you guys what I got for Valentines Days last year ;-)

But you can dam sure bet that he will be fully prepared for next year. He will buy you candy, jewelry and flowers. No need to thank me. You already knew what you were going to give him anyway.


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  • thougtforce profile image

    Christina Lornemark 7 years ago from Sweden

    I got the message, and I think you are so right, no need to try and disagree! You did a good job on not saying what you said!

  • bruzzbuzz profile image

    bruzzbuzz 7 years ago from Texas , USA

    Nicely said. Every guy wants only one thing. Any guy who disagrees is just trying to fool their woman. Nice hub.